Monday, September 3, 2012

Blues of the Beginning of Semester! ;)

Being a martial art practitioner, more or less, one would have wanted to learn the art in it's whole aspect. Silat Seni Gayong is not only a sport, or neither only a self-defense system, nor only a series of movements or Jurus, nor only a spiritual or army type secret group. It is ALL of it. It is a system that permits one defend himself, or his family against the assault. It is a system that create a man with a heart and mental of steel. It is the tradition, and adaptable with modern situation.

I am not saying that it's only Silat Seni Gayong who is complete in it's existence. But what is special about the art is that one will never finish learn the art. Years and years, and yet you are still practicing and learning a new stuff. We are blessed to have the senior Masters who are still able to share with the young practitioners like us. It is just a matter of intention, and motivation, whether we want more or not. Some would compare the art of Silat is like "eating something good". Too much is not good either. But the limit of this "too much" is variable and different to everyone of us, depending on our ability to carry it.

In looking for the science of engineering, for example, one had to sacrifice his time, his money and his energy, even ready to fly overseas and spending couple of years with continuous test and exams, only to get a certificate, a diploma, a degree, a master, or a doctorate in the field. Why one must force himself to strive on such a recognition??? It is due to the fact that with the "paper" of recognition, we will have a good life by being accepted in a very good job. If we could do a lot of effort in such a material and physical needs, why the need of our mind and heart, are always neglected? Body needs foods, Minds needs books (knowledge), and heart needs soul (spiritual).

The art of Silat Seni Gayong precisely, and Pencak Silat generally is precious, and is funnily being appreciated more to the non-Malaysian than the Malay people itself. Silat, once was a "clothes" of every Man and Woman, nowadays is being thrown away by some Melayu. The answers of some new University students would hurt your heart as one who loves to witness this art will remain on Tanah Melayu. "Do you practice Silat?". One replied; "Silat??? No no no, it is too dangerous for me". "Silat? Do you mean Wing Chun like Ip Man?", "No, Silat was practiced by the old old old folks. Not anymore". "Silat? I am not interested. Better playing futball then being hit".

If every Gurulatih, could improve his skills of teaching Silat Seni Gayong, and bring a good image of it, than we can bring back the art to be something that one young must learn at least once in his life. But once again, how could we improve our skills when we don't train, don't learn new things, don't go to see the old Masters, and don't admit that why people around us are not interested in Gayong is due to our own weakness. A "Hangat-Hangat Tahi Ayam" type of Gurulatih, who depends totally on a Hot issue to get involved in Gayong will only find a closed path in the future. As what we practice, the Istiqamah (continuity) is the most important, although it's a small effort.

Hope that God permits us to have the opportunity of practicing this art more and more. Hayyakoumoullah...

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