Friday, September 14, 2012


 Alhamdulillah, last night we had our first meeting and training of Capoeira at the studio, Kompleks Sukan of UMP Gambang. These motivated engineering students called me to give an assistance to set up a Capoeira club here in UMP. With Eddy, Chua, Didi, Izzat, Wiznan (I think I may get wrong in pronouncing your name), Epol and Hazwan, I am sure Capoeira will be one of the favorite martial art class in UMP in the next few months ahead.

The training started smoothly with the basic movements of Ginga for half and hour, then we move to Meia-lua de Frente, then Negativa and lastly the Au. Seems this is their first time of learning Capoeira, I did exactly right as I was in the first time learning Capoeira with Mestre Sorisso. Then we start training with partners of simple combos and finally we finish with the Roda.

 As one of the staff of the student affairs department and also the faculty, I do support of the activities like this. The students will acquire new experience, physical and mental works, and also all of the soft skills needed as the graduated engineers one day. Come and see us on this Tuesday at UMP Gambang for the "Malam Kelab dan Persatuan". ;). To Mestre Sorisso and Instructor Pixote, the moment is coming. ;)

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