Friday, December 7, 2012


 Singapura dilanggar Naga Rantau.... 
bukan dilanggar, tapi dijemput datang! he he he he. ;)

The last Saturday of 1st of Decembre 2012, the Kumpulan Seni Gayong Singapura (KSGS) had invited Naga Rantau to their "Majlis Silaturrahim" event at Jurong West, Singapore. Naga Rantau had sent 34 members for the demo, and our team was led by our own PNC (Assistant Vice Cancelor) of Student Affairs and Alumni, Prof. Dr Yusserie Zainuddin. We departed from UMP Pekan at early in the morning and had arrived the venue late afternoon due to the long Q during entering Singapore and also the custom process.

 The event was a reunion of pencak silat groups in Singapore, and it was an honor for us to be invited and bringing our demo team. It was truely a brotherhood link and all of us had learned a lot of thing during the journey. The Frontier Community Hall was quite easy to be found, eventhough we took more time in finding the parking places than to find the building itself! ;)

Our team was warmly welcomed by the organizer once we arrived at the hall. It was at the 4th floor of the building and we got a fresh air since we are at the roof level! ;).

 Among the VIP guest, the Chief of KSGS Cikgu Ramli, the NYDP1 PSSGM Dato' Ismail Jantan, NYDP 2 PSSGM Cikgu Sazali Meor Rahman, PNC UMP Prof. Dr. Yusserie Zainuddin, and the Grandmasters of different Pencak Silat Group of Singapore, Malacca, Johore, Perak and Pahang (UMP).

 Majlis began with Doa...

  I would like express my gratitude for this meaningful event and invitation. This meant a lot for me and my students of Naga Rantau. And to our most sporting and cool PNC JHEPA Prof Yusserie who had willingly came as the Penaung of Gayong UMP Naga Rantau, and also to all of Masters Tok Mail, Cikgu Li, Mak Yam, Cikgu - Cikgu of Singapore, Johore, Malacca, and Perak. I hope and I do believe what we do is one of a big effort of creating a uniting Gayong community and strengthen our brotherhood. I do hope this unlimited brotherhood does still exist in the everyone's heart of Anak Gayong. We here team Naga Rantau will do our best to be anywhere when we are invited by any of Gayong Gelanggang for any event insyaAllah. Because Silat is Silaturrahim....

Team preparing the Red Bengkung...

 Gamelan team of Singapore

 Demo of Puteri Cindai of Naga Rantau

 Demo team of Sendeng Pukulan

 Demo team of Tapak Suci

 Demo team of KSGS

 Terima kasih Cikgu Ramli n ummi Kamaria di atas jemputan

 Gerakan Kerambit of Team Naga Rantau

 If i'm not mistaken this was the Gayong Johor.. am I right?

Kipas Cenderawasih of Tean Naga Rantau

 Team Pisau VS Team Cindai

 Tempur Keris of KSGS

 Tempur Berseni of Malay Sword

 Tempur Simbat Suk

 Demo team of Singapore


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