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Naga Rantau Merantau ke Australia...

What is best being in the martial art is that we can get to know everybody and we're also getting known. Alhamdoulillah, Silat Seni Gayong is one big family, not only in Malaysia but also all around the globe insyaAllah we could find anyone who at least Anak Gayong eventhough he/she practices no more Gayong due to work or anything. But meeting with a Gayong Master in oversea is not a common chance. We got that precious moment during our last visit in Perth to the Silat Seni Gayong Australia headquarter. It was the "Naga Juang" (Fighting Dragons) territory, so this small "Naga Rantau" had just to ask their permission Minta Lalu Tok... hihihi

the first night training together

lots of question from me to Cikgu Sunny!

Checked-in in the beautiful Malaysian Hall which had not been officiated yet, our team from Gelanggang Naga Rantau, had been following every program arranged by SSGA. Sincerely, we had been invited almost everyday for Demo, Training or Makan! It was indeed truly feel like family when everyone knows each others, and all of parents are supporting their children doing Silat with us. We had participated the demo during the opening ceremony in Burridge and lastly in Balcatta of the Aussie-Malay community wedding. Many many thanks for these opportunity and those lovely people with sweet words welcoming us!

Srikandi Ain, a tigress of Perth. Auummm!!! ;)

Cikgu Khairul, Cikgu Sunny and Cikgu Razak

I met Cikgu Sunny for the first time at Rumah Gayong during the National Gurulatih Course, with Cikgu Khairul. Exchanging some news and talking about many things especially Gayong internationally, we ended then with a plan of trip to Perth for the opening ceremony of the Gelanggang Naga Juang of SSGA. The day we touched down at the Perth airport, we were welcomed by Cikgu Sunny, Cikgu Razak and Cikgu Khairul.

Cikgu Sunny and Cikgu Razak are no stranger in Perth. They have been teaching Silat Seni Gayong in Australia since many years actually. Both of them are Singaporean, and had moved very long time ago to Australia and ironically they didn't know each other eventhough each of them had a Gelanggang and had met occasionally in the Pencak Silat program by the Australian Pencak Silat Federation or Persisi (Singaporean Pencak Silat Federation). But the birth of "Silat Seni Gayong Australia" finally brings them together as the two Gayong dragons in the Down Under.

Spending few days with Cikgu Sunny and Cikgu Razak indeed made me exploring the Gayong world in Singapore. I was initially quite unfamiliar with the different Gayong schools in Singapore. Cikgu Sunny was a student of Cikgu Sharkawi Mat Som, Pak Buang Bahar, Pak Suni Rabi and Pak Sulong Bachok. They are all the direct students of Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman when the first time Dato' opened Silat Seni Gayong gelanggang ever. After Dato' came back to Perak, there were few Gayong schools with the most-known to Malaysia like Gayong PASAK (Pak Hussein Kaslan), Gayong PERWANIT (Pak Buang Bahar), Gayong Pukulan (Pak Suni) and Gayong Super Combat (Pak Sulong).

The time came where Cikgu Sunny had to move to Australia for a reason. Before leaving, he asked the blessing from his teachers in Singapore, and even went to Ayer Kuning to meet Allahyarhamah Cikgu Siti Kalsom and Allahyarham Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman. It was there he had obliged to stay one night and in the next morning Dato' gave him something in his palms. It was the double-dragon logo , and Dato' approved him and authorized him to spread the Silat Seni Gayong in Australia.  That's why Silat Seni Gayong Australia is the only one international Gelanggang, which is still using the ancient logo of Silat Seni Gayong, and it will be 2 dragons forever! ;)

Cikgu Razak, in the other side, was a student of Pak Hussein Kaslan. Surprisingly, he was one of the best Silat Olahraga fighter who had represented Singapore many many years before becoming a trainer. I still remember some moment in 2009 where I wrote an entry of Silat Seni Gayong Australia in my blog. I found a short video of Gayong team performed the Bunga Tanjung in a wedding ceremony in Australia. The video was titled , if I'm not mistaken, the Gayong Anak Harimau. It was actually a performance from the Gelanggang Anak Harimau of Cikgu Razak when he was in Adelaide. Cikgu Razak had the authorization of opening Gayong in Australia from Pak Hussein Kaslan. Nowadays, Cikgu Sunny (6th Dan of Black Belt) and Cikgu Razak (5th Dan of Black Belt) are moving together to spread Silat Seni Gayong in Australia, as an affiliated international association with PSSGM (Malaysia Silat Seni Gayong Federation). Under a big help of handful Malaysian Gurulatih, Cikgu Khairul, I am sure the SSGA will be one of the leading Pencak Silat group in Australia. I'll make a prayer that someday, and somehow, it will be spread to the "Maori's Kingdom", the New Zealand! ;)

Alhamdulillah, our "Merantau" to Perth meant a lot to every one of us. I learned a lot form Cikgu Sunny, Cikgu Razak and Cikgu Khairul. And it goes the same thing with all of my student 'Srikandi' Suhana, 'Panglima' Azhari, 'Panglima' Afiq, 'Panglima' Hapismuddin and 'Panglima' Saufi. It was one of the most 'beautiful' moment  where the Silaturrahim is tighten, and I found a 'brother of oath', with the most special present. I'll keep it with me forever insyaAllah.

All of my apologize if this article comes out long after our journey in Perth. Hope to see you all in Phuket perhaps for the World Pencak Silat tournament? ;) InsyaAllah

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