Monday, January 5, 2015

Women Self Defense 2.0 Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Kursus Seni Beladiri Wanita 2014 (WSD'14)

Women Self Defence (WSD) 2014 had been successfully organized at Universiti Malaysia Pahang. With the participation more than one hundred female students from UMP, I did appreciate the help and commitment from all of the Urusetia and also the seminar assistants from PSSGMUMP Naga Rantau. The program was organized by the Majlis Puteri Gayong PSSGMUMP, under the Pengarah Program Siti Fatimah who is also the chairperson of MPG session 2013/2014. 

Women Self Defence 2014 is the second one after the success of the first WSD in 2012. Majlis Puteri Gayong which we called more as MPG in our Gelanggang Naga Rantau, is a bureau that covers all of the welfare of female members and also where the the syllabus for the female members is intensively discussed. One of the responsibility that MPG must bear during this seminar is to provide the most basic need for the female students of UMP : how to protect themselves. 

During this short course, 5 Modules had been more and less discussed. Over all, we had 107 participants from all of the residential college UMP. From the knowledge of the vital points and the suitable strike to hit them perfectly, to the technique of escaping, blocking and counter attacks of the short-weapon like Knife or Kerambit. Some technique of the projection and arm-locks also had been discussed. From 9 a.m to 5 p.m, we finished with a simulation for the real-like situation. It was indeed a great day to tell everyone. I apologize all if the weakness during the seminar and hope that the knowledge shred will benefit us all. InsyaAllah. If you are still interested, come and join our PSSGMUMP our simply register for the next WSD3.0 with a very specific Module. 

Thank you to all of the members of Majlis Puteri Gayong Gelanggang Naga Rantau, not to forget my best two assistant Suhanna and Ummi  and others, and all the best for the future. I am sure that you are all ready for a 'bigger' program next time! ;) InsyaAllah!

Booklet : simple techniques 

using one of the common tool: umbrella

learn and practice

basic lock

escape first


ground basic techniques

grapp-grapp ;)



blades for the participants

titik-titik maut

among the participant of WSC'14

Majlis Puteri Gayong,
 Gelanggang Naga Rantau,

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