Thursday, February 11, 2010


Silat cannot saparate from the mystic thing. The unseen world is common for a Master in Silat. Seems Malay people is really attached with the tradition and religion, it is easy to learn some "Kebatinan" lesson with Silat masters. I am not trying to discuss again about the term of "Kebatinan" here. But one of the lesson that my Master taught to me is about the "Firasat", or the instinct. It happens, and it is not just a spiritual, but it can be trained too.

There is the destiny that we cannot avoid, and others we can escape. The death for example is inevitable. Our death neither belated nor avanced for a milisecond. The time was fixed long enough by the God himself in the Luh Mahfuz before the creation of this universe. But for those who are aware about the signs, they know when will the Angel Izrael come to take their soul. The sign, whether in the form of tiny muscles vibration or the exterior sign like viewing someone or something, is the secret the only the beleiver has.

With science nowadays, we learn that we are an organism, that has a source of energy that keep we alive. But even in physics we learn that the energy cannot be destroyed. It can be transformed, transfered or changed. So where will our "energy" go after kick the bucket? Is the energy is transformed and dissappear in the air, or taken by the soil? The body, yes, it will be changed to the various compounds, gaz and absorbed by the air and soil. But our "energy" will still. This "energy" has the purpose of it's creation, and has his fixed destination. It is just a matter of a time.

This so called "energy" is our soul. My soul, share the same dimension with your's and others'. In physical appearence, we need the tongue to speak, the language to communicate,and the body gesture to express ourselves. But in the unseen world of the soul, we don't speak a world, but we share the information and we know each other eventhough it is the first time we met.

I still remember one of my Master's story about his Master. One day, my Master was sitting with his Master, who I'll name as Great Master. The Great Master asked him what is he thinking. The Master kept silence for a while, but suddenly laughed. His Great Master asked him why did he laugh. My Master said that, you said "Monkey" to me! Both of them laughed and the Great Master admitted that it was true.

By the way, there is the destiny that we can actually avoid. If you had an accident, and you survive, eventhough you broke your arm or scratch your face, it means that the accident can be avoid if you give more attention to those signs. But if you don't survive, than it's your destiny, that the time to go meet your Creator has come. One of the lesson that we learned is to check always the respiration, whether it's Nafas Kanan (right), Nafas Kiri (left), Nafas Tajam (sharp) and so on (Nafas, Anfas, Tanaffas dan Nufus). There are also the Petua Gayong before starting the battle. We will know whether we win or we loose. We will know that someone is going to see us in couple of minutes, hours, days or weeks. And we will know whether his intention is good or bad.

A Master told me that one day, he wanted to go to the market with someone's car. The guy came by with his car, and the Master went out from his house and stepped on his slipper. He found that there is something wrong with his "Nafas" (respiration), and said to the guy that he doesn't feel well at the time being and apologize to bother that guy for coming fetch him up. That guy went to the market alone. An hour after, my Master got a message that the guy had a serious car accident and passed away....

Unfortunately, sometimes, this secret lesson can be misused by the irresponsible people. The most wanted thieft, is so hard to be caught because he knows the secret of the instinct. He knows when the policemen are coming. He knows what is happening around him. But finally he was caught by the help of his own Master who taught him the lesson...

InsyaAllah, there are many Malay secrets to be sought from the senior Masters. As one of them always says to me "Take it (the knowledge), as it is not useful for me in the tomb...." Silat Seni Gayong is just not only Kuncian, Kombat, or Pukulan. There are many science and "Ilmu" that we can search and learn. Certain words or terms, I write it the way that I heard from the Masters. It maybe different from one Master to another. My hope that this will give some information and motivation to those who are interested in the mysticism of Silat, especially in Silat Seni Gayong.....


  1. Kalahnya ILMU kepada PETUA
    Kalahnya Petua kepada RASA
    Kalahnya RASA kepada CITA
    Kalahnya CITA kepada CAHAYA

    Petua Ilmu Firasat

  2. waahh Mendalam dan bermakna..
    tiap butir kata yg dilafazkan...

    erm... ibarat kita yg diamanatkan pada yg hak.. dan kembali kepada yg hakiki....
    dunia ini penuh rahsia....

  3. All roads lead to Rome. 堅持自己所選! .........................................