Monday, February 1, 2010

Preparation for La Malaisie...

Another day with a lot of uncertainity of the future. We got 3 weeks before every one of Master student depart for the internship all over the world. Some will go to USA, some to Canada, some to Spain, to England, and me I'm going to my own country insyaAllah. So many reason why I must go there. First of all, of course, the research subject offered by UPM is interesting and more and less, I know how to deal with the subject. Secondly, the UPM is one of my target in my list, that I'm interested to be a lecturer there. Yes, I like teaching. Since I was in secondary school, the idea of being a researcher, submerged in the ocean of the knowledge and the chance to transfer it to the students always attract me. So the chance to get accepted there will allow me to understand the system, which is important for my future plan of doing the PhD. Allah knows best what He reserves me for the future....

Other reasons, of course, to be with my family. Since 7-8 years, the longest period that I stayed with my family is about 5 months (3 months internship + 2 months summer holiday). I miss so much my Ma, Abah, Mek, brothers & sisters, families and friends. For Ma, I miss her very much, and her Ayam Pedas, Sweet and Sour Bawal Fish, Masak Lemak Pucuk Paku and Kuih "Pindang" (Pin-de). For my Abah, I'm hoping that he will be recovered in health after having an operation of his back bone. And my Mek, who always cries everytime I call her, your grandson is coming home God willing. I found that everything changes so fast, and I barely realize that my little sister Ayu will become a doctor really soon, and my little brother Hafiz and Syafiq become the grown men now. I know that how many weddings of my best friends that I missed, and I know how I couldn't turn back the time. But at least this is the best time to visit them.

But going back for good is not an easy task. I still need to prepare to my appartment here in Paris for the land lord, bring my cat Joix to the veterinarian to get the Health certificate, getting my Titre de Sejour (Resident Card), preparing my voyage to Scandinavia and Greece, buying some stuff for my wedding ceremony, paying all my debts here and there, confirming the airlines ticket Paris-Kuala Lumpur, getting the approval from my Director of Master, getting approval for the scholarship, getting approval from Sphere and JPA, revising my notes for at least 4 papers ahead, and last but not least, looking forward for the last Silat Seni Gayong France seminar before going back to Malaysia.

If it is not because that I have faith in Allah, I must have given up studying here in France. Coming to France to learn one or two years, and the course is made in English, then it is quite easy. But when we are here from the beginning for the Baccalauréat, then 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles in the academic, we found that La France is not as welcoming as it's appearance in front of the tourist... But still, Silat Seni Gayong France is one of my motivation to be here again insyaAllah! ;)

For all Anak Gayong Perancis (France), see you in March. Be there for the graduation!!!


  1. yeye cikgu nk balik... yeye....
    rasa nk p jemput dia balik kt KLIA je...

  2. selamat kembali ke tanahair cikgu hakim. malaysia lebih memerlukan kepakaran anda berbanding perancis.

  3. salam cikgu jent, nanti jumpa kat bukit slim ek. insyaAllah... tak sabor nak balik ni!!! hehehe

    cikgu kacak, hehehehehe, dah tibo masonyo kelik ko tanahair... dh lamo sgat dok sini! ;)

  4. Salam hormat everyone, this is Diego from Barcelona (Spain)
    ...did I read rightly that any Gayong cikgu is coming to Spain???

  5. Salam hormat Diego,

    i am not sure about that if there is any gayong teacher going to barcelona. i have heard about gayong in spain, but it has been long time i haven't heard about their activities. sorry!

    but why not having a hot summer holiday in malaysia and come to train in our camp for a real silat seni gayong for couple of weeks? ;)hehehe