Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Gayong Fighter!!!

The late Mahaguru had forseen that Silat Seni Gayong will be spread all over the world. To compare with other martial arts like Judo or Karate, Pencak Silat takes a much longer time to develop in foreign countries due to the traditional mentality and spiritual believes of Malay people. The secrecy and the loyalty is always a cloth for a Malay.

Even the late Mahaguru himself, at first, didn't allow that Silat Seni Gayong taught to the Non-Malay or Non-Moslem. But the destiny does what had been written, and Silat Seni Gayong has opened the door to the foreigner, with certain condition that must be respected.

The condition is made to keep the "Daulah" of Silat Seni Gayong. An Anak Gayong must be loyal to his Master, or Masters. He must follow the "Adat" of Silat Seni Gayong, while at the same time teach in a way that can promote the art without revealing the secret. The real art of Gayong only be taught to a loyal Anak Gayong, as what as the late Dato' said about his daughter, the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom, "to the sea, to the land, she always here with me, and she is the Ibu Gayong: the mother of Gayong"

After years of training and learning, we start to have confident on our abilities. We don't fear of any duel, and accept all the challenge. We found that we are the only Gayong fighter, and the only Gayong protector in our place. We are young and furious, and sometime jealous, when someone surpass us. We want more and more, and willing to spend our time, our energy, our money and sacrifice everything just to be stronger and more knowledgable in Gayong.

This competition, is good in one way. But sometime, it brings us to the "Ujub" (arrogant), and starts to lower down everyone. We think others learn Gayong in the wrong way, and their Cikgu teachs the rubbish thing to the student. We mix the politics with the "Ilmu" (knowledge), and avoiding and critisizing certain Masters, eventhough they were the direct students of the late Mahaguru. We fear the "Khilafiah" (the difference) inside the syllabus and refuse to recognize other's talent. But finally, who is the loser? We, as a young Gayong student who need to find everywhere the science, or those Masters, who had the science already directly from the late Mahaguru.

The late Mahaguru didn't teach the art of Gayong to one person. We must find it all. Learning with various Master doesn't mean at all a betrayal or disloyalty. Respect them, love and care them, and never forget what our Master taught until we become of what we are.

But please, be open-minded person. Try to welcome other Gayong brothers, and learn from him if you didn't know, as he can learn from us of what he doesn't know. It is never an humiliation to be a student from anyone. The right to teach, to open a Gelanggang, to share, and to spread this art is the right for every Cikgu has. Once he has the Ijazah (permission) from his Master and Gayong Federation, and after following the local rules, he can be if he wants to, at least, to be as a farmer who grows the seeds of Gayong in a fertile foreign land, so that the trees can be a shadow for a passenger to take a rest during a sunny day, and it can give the fruits for the benefit of everyone.....

Salam Persaudaraan for all brothers and sisters. Cheers.

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