Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bertikam Cara Orang Dulu-Dulu....

Terima kasih pada Cikgu (Sir) Faiz sebagai penganjur program. Ada majlis ilmu lain kali, ingat-ingatlah ko ambo ye. Ambo nak mari tumpang belajar...

Cikgu Soffuan menunjukkan teknik keris. Cikgu Soffuan adalah salah seorang team olahraga Malaysia yang mewakili negara ke International Open of Paris tahun 2009. Ambo berkenalan dengan dia pun di sana.

Keris berhulu dan bersarung Gading gajah, kepunyaan seorang peserta kursus.

"alat-alat trening" (Golok tu xtermasuk hehehe)

Keris-keris Gelanggang

Cikgu (Sir) Faiz dan Cikgu (Sir) Warid, bermain keris

Pak Ngah Izahar

Alhamdulillah, eventhough the time was short, we had finished our 2nd course of Keris at Bachok. I was informed by one of my Master, Cikgu Nasir about the course, where Pak Ngah Izahar was invited to supervise and to teach the way of traditional Keris techniques.

I was grateful to be invited as the participant and to learn in the different way under Pak Ngah Izahar. And I do hope to always have the chance of learning with the old master. Many of the Gayong Masters become old and cannot teach anymore. Everytime seeing an old master taught the young students, my heart will say for how long this will last? And what will happen then? Where am I going to learn the precious art?

Those questions haunt me everyday. And it is our duty to go and seek the knowledge. As long as I could manage my family, my work and my time, insyaAllah, I'll be at the Gelanggang to seek more from you oh Masters!!! ;)