Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pak Husin Kaslan.........

Pak Hussein Kaslan

This is one of the sad moment since I've been typing the entries in my blog. I still remember how it was hard for Pak Husin to speak to us. Most of the time, Cikgu (Abang) Rahim helped him to translate what he said to us...

It has been so many years I wanted to see Pak Husin Kaslan. But since I just come back to Malaysia at the end of last year, and quite busy with the life as a father and a lecturer, I didn't manage to come and pay him a visit. But last week, the feeling was so strong that I have to go to meet him... at least once. So when I went home at Pasir Puteh for my sister's wedding on thursday, I took that chance to make a passport for my little Aryan at Kota Bharu. We came back to Kuantan that night, and gathered at UMP to meet my Gayong students. So those who were ready with their passports came with me to our destination of Singapore, two cars for 7 persons. The route was not so easy for us. The fatigue, due to my long journey to Kelantan and come back for Singapore, and also the problem at the Singapore border and even getting saparated (without the possibility to contact each other in singapore) and getting lost. But the destiny was that we had the chance to arrive safely at Cikgu Rahim's house. Cikgu Rahim is the son of Pak Husin Kaslan.

It was a memorable moment to meet one of the legend of Silat Seni Gayong who was called as the Naga Bora. Pak Husin Kaslan forced himself to "welcome" us and it indeed a very spiritual element that makes me felt so peaceful and happy. We were welcomed by Cikgu Rahim's family and his students, and we spent the day by talking about Pak Husin, the late Dato', and even the art of Silat Seni Gayong in the point view of Gayong Pasak.

In the evening we visited a little bit the city with the guide of Dr. Shaiful (Cikgu Rahim's Student), and we went back to Johore before continuing our journey back to Kuantan. After coming back from Singapore, my little Aryan was crying and crying, and in some moment I thought there was "something" following us from any Segamat jungle or what. But after I receive the sad news about Pak Husin, I understand now that it was a sign. A sign of saparation with someone who I wanted to meet since very long time and finally had that precious time to meet him once. It was exactly 3 days after visiting Pak Husin.

I envy those who had the chance to be with him earlier and even to be trained under him. But this is the Qada' and Qadar. This is the destiny that we cannot change. Langkah Rezeki Pertemuan Maut.....

As a representative of A.F.S.S.G (Silat Seni Gayong France), and a representative of Gelanggang Naga Rantau of Universiti Malaysia Pahang, I wish you Cikgu Rahim and family, of my sincere condolence of Allahyarham Cikgu (Pak) Husin Kaslan. I hope that the lost, will only make our Gayong bond stronger, for a united Gayong brotherhood. Gayong Bergayut, Kata Bersahut.

Al-Fatihah...... 8_(

Cikgu (Abang) Rahim

Team Naga Rantau with Gayong Pasak

Aryan was looking at Atok...

Ummi, Choi, Ehsan, Haziq with Pak Husin

The late Gayong Master in our heart



  1. This is a sad moment.
    Be sure that our spirit is close to yours.

  2. Dah jadi ayoh doh demo.
    Semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat...