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Bengkel Peraturan dan Pemarkahan KOF2.0 '13

Half of the participant of KOF2.0 Workshop. Others were still packing.
KOF Respect signs.

The Committee of King of Fighter 2.0, under the Kolej Kediaman 5 of Universiti Malaysia Pahang had organized a KOF workshop especially for the future "Pengadil and Juri" (the referee and the judges) for the great event that will happen less than a month from now. During the 2 days workshop, 4 modules had been presented, from the "Perlembagaan KOF", "Peraturan dan Undang-Undang KOF", "Panduan Pemarkahan Juri dan Pengadil KOF" and "Simulasi Perlawanan". About 50 participants were present, mostly the UMP students who are willing to be the judges and referee during the event. The workshop was also attended by a group of medical support from UiTM Shah Alam and also the representatives from the higher education institution neighbor like ICAM.

Amansari Beach Resort, Pantai Sepat
Main-main air

Persiapan bengkel oleh AJK-AJK KOF

Tempat "rehat"

Just to share some of the rules that we use in KOF 2.0 is almost the same with the MMA and also the UFC. The difference is that the strike to the opponent's head or groin is not allowed. Elbow strike is not allowed neither, but punching, kicking, grappling, locking and throwing are all allowed, with some rules of course to make it valid for the marks. Those rules are made after the advice of university's medical expert regarding the risk to the students involving in this competition.

Introduction by the Principal of KK5
Detailed marking process

Speech by the Program Advisor


Wrist lock is not allowed

The Silat Olahraga's technique like Sapuan, Guntingan and Jatuhan are accepted, the same thing with the Silat Jatuh's technique, the Judo's throwing, the Jujitsu grppling and the Sambo. However the game is still continued even though after a throwing since the competitor is allowed to finish the technique with locking to make the opponent taps to surrender. Almost all of the locks are allowed, arm lock, triangle choke, arm bar, ankle lock, shoulder and elbow locks, and even the knee lock. However the wrist and fingers are not allowed to be locked since the we want to prevent high risk of injuries since these part are much more fragile than others. 

Leisure time during the "stressed time" ;)

Hasil pukat

Kursus Memukat Ikan oleh KK5 .. hehehhe
Our last module was the game simulation where all of the judges, referee, time keeper, writer, runner, medics,  fighters and all of the crew simulate as in a real game. This helps the new comers on this game to get familiarized with the concept and had a big view of the game.

Warming up for the simulation

Setting up the Gelanggang

The truth is that the free fight has been very long time in Malaysia, but it is has not been totally commercialized. Since the MMA, freefight, UFC, Bellator, StrikeForce and other programs had been very popular recently, I take the opportunity to organize such a free-fight game for the first time in IPTA and IPTS in Malaysia at Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Perhaps, no university is dared enough to have this kind of game in their place, but I am sure the UMP students are all motivated and celebrate this game. The KOF committee has been established since last year and the MMAUMP (mix martial art UMP club) has been established this year. In our MMAUMP club, the grappling techniques of Silat, Judo and Jujitsu are all studied and practiced.
 Ground technique
Sensei Azim, one of the coach of UMP MMA CLUB


This is the place where the Pesilat, Nak Muay, Taekwondoins, Karateka, Judoka, Grasio, BJJ, Boxer, Wrestler, Capoeirista, and anyone who is the real FIGHTER gather. It is neither the medals, nor the cash money, nor the certificates, nor the merits, nor the belt, nor the title that we run for. It is for the our own pride and proud! It is a place where all of the young FIGHTERS show their skills, and fight as in a real battle. The place where we measure our own capacity and limits. This is what the KING OF FIGHTER 2.0 is all about!!! Come and join us. Be a Fighter, or be a supporter to our Game!!!! ;)

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