Tuesday, April 9, 2013


At Pakcik's house

Alhamdulillah syukur. I've been waiting almost 2 years for the "Aqiqah" for my son to be done. It is due to the difficulties of finding the right sheep here for the ceremony and also a right moment as I was tied up with the programs at university. I finally found a very nice male sheep at Sungai Lembing, big and handsome. ;) To thank to God who brings a light in our home with a lovely son, we performed a sacrifice and invited the neighbors, students, friends and families to our home. 

 Preparing the knives and Golok for the ceremony

Daus, Achoi & Bad helped me during the ceremony

  Tied the sheep

 approximately 30 Kg. 

 Bismillahirahmanirrohim. Allahu Akbar...

I have done many sacrifices with small animals like Chicken, Birds and Ducks, but it was the first time to do the sacrifice with a sheep. Thanks God, alhamdulillah syukur, everything was done smoothly and fast. I learned some tips from my father, Che' Limbat and also the late Tok Wan Kadir for the techniques. Thank you! 



 The rest to be processed at home ;)
The same day of the Aqiqah, I had made a promise to the anak-anak Gayong UMP to make a belt grading. I was mistakenly stated the same date with the day of Aqiqah. As the processes of the Aqiqah took me few hours, after being assisted by theree UMP students, Nabil, Azrul and Asyraf, our belt grading started at 1 o'clock in the morning at the Student centre! ;) 14 students took the White Belt grading, 3 Students for the Green Blet grading and 5 Students for the Red Belt grading. The Chula 1 Red Belt was postponed to a new date since we had a limited time. I was honored to see two Aumni Naga Rantau, our ex-students, Haziq "Kucing Hitam" and Sab "Beruang Berkaliber" were presence to support and help me during the belt grading.

Tomorrow morning we continued with the Belt grading and finished at 2 pm. The feast started at 2.30pm until night. That night, after the feast we continued a little bit with the association report presentation by the chief of every section.

 Aaisy Aryan 2nd Birthday

 Birthday Cake

 Yg ni mummy n daddy Aryan hehehehe

During the free-sparring, we got some injuries, as some of the normal routines. Just for the information, the number of the opponents depends on the belt level. For the White Belt grading is one versus 2 opponents, Green Belt grading is one versus 3 opponents and Red Belt grading is one versus 4 opponents. 

Afiq Bollywood
Amir Tenggiling Emas

 Siku strike on the face

2 Gajah Menta

To my young brother who just got married, I wish you lot of blessing and fortunes. Semoga Allah memberkati keluarga yang baru terbina. Jaga solat, jaga isteri, jaga keluarga kita dan keluarga isteri. Hayyakumullah....

Hafiz's wedding


  1. adoi cam mane bole kena siku kat muka pulak tu, takpa la, muka maintain hensem

    Baraka Allahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma kpd pengantin baru

  2. tempur bebas, free sparring, mcm2 lah yg keluar. dari tumbuk, tepuk, pancung, siku, lutut, tendang, sepak, terajang, gusti, gelut, sauk, hempas,belit, kepak dan lain2. alhamdulillah, si amir the tenggiling emas takde apa2. hidung dh check doktor, tak patah. syukur. bengkak je spnjang malam. kehkehkeh. apa2 pun adat bersilat..... ;)