Friday, May 17, 2013


"Trailer Pekan Big Day"

Pekan Big Day is a grand festival organized by Kolej kediaman Pelajar 5 of Universiti Malaysia Pahang with the full support of SAFFAD and the Pekan campus student association like Peka5, MPP Pekan, Mechapro, 3ES and SMACH. This is the first big event ever from Pekan students for the Pekan society. This big event will start with the most waited annual competition of:
King Of Fighter,
The Reptiles show,
The Parliamentary style Debate competition,
The Iftar Jam'i and Religious talk by a famous Ustazah Asni, a TV9 personality,
The Visit from the "Adopted Schools" to the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Electronic Engineering,
The Seminar of performing the Pengurusan Jenazah,
The Pekan Super Sport competition of Cycling, Hand Ball, Basket Ball, Archery,
The DOTA - Counter Strike online Games Competition,
The Marriage Gift Decoration Competition,
The Acoustic Night Competition,
and many more! ;)

Pekan Big Day adalah program besar anjuran Kolej Kediaman Pelajar 5 bermula 18 Mei 2013 hingga 26 Mei 2013. Masuk adalah percuma dan datanglah beramai-ramai untuk memeriahkan program ini! ;)

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