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The Splendid Event "King Of Fighter 2.0" (KOF2.0)

Barisan Juri & Pengadil : Mr Syakir DD, Mr Nabil Peka5, Ambo, Mr Afiq FKP, Mr Nabil Taekwondo. Another Juri & Pengadil are: Mr Fahmi KK5 and Mr Ustaz Shahrul PIMPIN

Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah for giving us the chance of organizing this superb event of King Of Fighter 2.0. Last year, in KOF1.0, we welcomed about 86 fighters without the limiting regulation. But this year, as to improve the level of the game, we had successfully improve the level of the Event Management, the Referee and Judges Board, and the Athlete Technique by conducting more than five mini-workshops for every crew. This year, we welcomed about 60 fighters who had been tested to have certain minimum requirement before competing in this event.

Among the Champions of KOF2.0
The Most Dedicated KOF Crew in planet

Initially, two categories were planned: Open and Close. Close was for UMP students only and especially for the beginners in this sport. Open is meant for the UMP fighters who had the experiences in the KOF1.0 and will fight with the outsiders from the higher education institution. The Majlis Tertinggi KOF then decided to make it one category only for 2.0 which is "open" for everyone.

First participation from ICAM: 1 Gold and 1 Bronze.

Miss Beauty (forgot her name!), Bronze Fighter Amieredza, Cikgu Akmal, Ambo, Cikgu Anwar, Gold Fighter Afiq.

Crowds: students, staffs and outsiders
 Nite of Champion Opening Demonstration by "Gelanggang Naga Rantau"

 Pengarah Program Sdr. Hadi, Penasihat Program En. Ghadafi, Penaung KOF, ICAM representatif En. Hisham
Board of "Pengadilan"
 Tempur Seni Keris
Seni Bunga Tanjung. Tak Lapuk Dek Hujan, Tak Lekang Dek Panas

Parang Gila UMP: Pentas Parang 3 by Sdr Luqman and Sdr Mus

The KOF game is based on MMA and UFC format system. But seems it is organized for the University students, some strict regulation is modified so that it is legal and safe to be conducted in University. The rules of King Of Fighter is made by the "Majlis Pengadilan KOF" and approved by the "Majlis Tertinggi KOF". The simple rule is that no strikes to the forbidden place as the head and the groin (penalties) . No marks and no penalties to the place outside the allowed target. In the allowed target, one point for the Punch/Elbow strikes/Knee strikes, two points for the Kicks, three points for the throwing/projection/*guntingan/*sapuan/ or any techniques that make the opponent fall down. The grappling and locking is allowed and if the opponent "Tap Out" then the winner will be declared. If not, the winner will be chosen by calculating the points, or the one who has less penalties, or the one who has more technique. If not, the third round will be requested. One round is for 2 minutes, rest for 30 seconds, and continued with another 2 minutes for the second round.

This event were more merrier with the participation from the fighters of ICAM (International College of Automotive Malaysia).
This year, 6 classes is opened:
Class A (50.05kg-55.00kg)
Class B (55.05kg-60.00kg)
Class C (60.05kg-65.00kg)
Class D (65.05kg-70.00kg)
Class E (70.05kg-75.00kg)
Class F (75.05kg and above)

1st Place : Gold Medal, Cash RM200, Hamper of value RM60, Certificate
2nd Place: Silver Medal, Cash RM150, Hamper of value RM40, Ceritificate
3rd Place: Bronze Medal, Cash RM100, Hamper of value RM35, Certificate
Overall Winner Title "The King Of Fighter 2.0":  The King Of Fighter 2.0 Black Belt with 2 Red Stripes representing the second event of this game.

Gold Medal Class A : Fighter Afiq

Gold Medal Class B: Fighter Maniyarasan

Gold Medal Class C: Fighter Khairul
Gold Medal Class D: Fighter Maus

Gold Medal Class E: Fighter Sani
Gold Medal Class F: Fighter Rashdan
The tradition of hitting the winner with KOF TITLE BELT
The King Of Fighter 2.0: Fighter "Maus"

The winner of all categories, is not only due to the points collected from all of the fights that he undergoes, but also depends on the technique used especially the game that he ends with Tap Out. The holder of the title "King Of Fighter" will be chosen among the champion of each class. This year, the title is given to Fighter Mohd Firdaus Osman, one of Naga Rantau senior who had won two games (include the Final) with Tap Out. He is also the Pengerusi of MPS (Majlis Pencak Silat) of Gelanggang Naga Rantau 2012/2013.

This event was blessed with the fighters from all of various martial art background. The most for common fighter types came from Silat, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai. But surprisingly this event we had the fighters from the Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Jet Kune Do and even Capoeira. And of course, we had the fighters who came from no martial art background but had guts to come and fight, especially the Rugby team members who mastered very well the technique to tackle the opponent down! 

The Result form the KOF Facebook Group Updates,
with fighter names and his main martial art background:

Kategori A: 

Johan: Afiq syakir (ICAM) Muay Thai

N. johan: Norhisamudin Silat 

Ketiga: Syed jamaludin

Kategori B:
Johan: Maniyarasan Karate,
N. Johan: Akmal arifin Silat
Ketiga: Amieredza (ICAM)

Kategori C
Johan: Khairul anwar Tae Kwon Do
N. johan: Amirul hanafi Karate
Ketiga: Suhaimi

Kategori D
Johan: Firdaus osman Silat
N. johan: Hafizudin basri Tae Kwon Do
Ketiga: Yusoff

Kategori E
Johan: Sani Non-Identified Martial Art
N. johan: Ammar Tae Kwon Do
Ketiga: Hafizuddin

Kategori F
Johan: Rashdan Silat
N. johan: Syafiq Rugby
Ketiga: Amin faudzi

As the Founder (ehem! I have to say it guys! lol) of KOF, I am very satisfied from the level of the athletes had shown form this year's event. Most of the fighters now started to get familiarize with the format of this game especially the ground technique, the projection/throwing, the ground&pound, the locking and anti-locking technique and of course the kicking-punching-kneeing. Last year, we witnessed 3 types common locking techniques used by the fighters, but this year the numbers of the locking techniques increases to at least 10 types. It is included the various chokes, triangles, banana splits, twister, omniplata, anaconda, kimura and even the trial of flying triangle!

Silver Medal Class A : Fighter Hisham The Terminator

Silver Medal Class B :Fighter Akmal Tongkat Langit

Silver Medal Class C: Fighter Amirul Afro
Silver Medal Class D: Fighter Hafizudin Jujurface
Silver medal Class E, Fighter Ammar El Presidente

Silver Medal for 2 years consecutively; Fighter Syafiq The Kereta Kebal 

This year's event had shown that many students have talents in the mixed martial arts. And I won't stop here. We have a very good team now in KK5 and a greater and better game will be organized next year. Everyone must come for the next event KING OF FIGHTER 3.0. There will be great possibility that a "CAGE" will be used in the 3.0 event. And the prizes for the FIGHTERs also will be more in the value. For that purpose, I would be delightful if any organization, club, higher institution or anyone who is interested to be a future fighter, or a manager or coach for your organization, to contact me for any information for the next event. We will start to promote our new event all over Malaysia especially at the IPTA and IPTS (public or private higher institution).

Bronze Medal F; Fighter Amin MMA
My aim for this game is to celebrate the Fighting spirit among the teenagers and fight with honor and respect. This is all what the game is about. Salam Pahlawan. Salam Fighter!

Bronze Medal B : Fighter Amieredza KLGangster
Bronze Medal C : Pok Su Muay Thai
Bronze Medal D, Fighter Yusoff Al-Maunah
Bronze Medal E; Fighter Hafizudin Drunken Master

Pengarah Program, Sdr Hadi adalah ex-fighter semasa KOF1.0.

3 & 4 class A

Benjunior, King Of Fighter musim lalu, KOF1.0 turut hadir memberi semangat pada Fighter-Fighter musim ini,


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