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Exco Kebudayaan PEKA5, sekretariat dan performers.
 On last Saturday, Kolej Kediaman 5 at UMP Pekan had organized a "Malam Warisan" (Cultural/Heritage Night) by inviting the cultural team of Wayang Kulit (Shadow puppet show) as the main attraction. The "Dalang Wayang" (the player of the puppet) is the well known of Tok Dalang Awi from Kerteh 5 Ketengah Jaya. Origin from Besut, Terengganu, border of Pasir Puteh Kelantan, a place where the cultural activities and performance is regularly celebrated by the people, Tok Dalang Awi is aided by a musical performers lead by Pak Teh Gendang, also origins from Besut. My Gendang Master, Pok Jak of Gong Kedak knows each other and they had played together many times before whether in Wayang, Dikir, Main Puteri, Mak Yong or Silat/Tomoi.

As an initiative of Kolej Kediaman 5 to introduce the culture of East Coast Malay people to the UMP students, a Gendang Silat club and Dikir Barat club has been approved and the training has started since a month ago. Our college now has the Gendang Ibu Gendang Anak (for Silat), Gendang Ibu Gendang Anak (for Dikir), Gong, Canang, Marakas, Serunai and a Rebab.

 Pok Teh Gendang, Ambo dan Pok Wi Dalang

 Penonton-penonton yang membanjiri cafe pusat pelajar aras bawah

 Kumpulan Dikir Barat UMP dari Gambang, Warisan Sri Pujangga

 Pendaftaran penonton untuk cabutan bertuah
Pengerusi Peka5 dan Penasihat program, Dr Zainah

 Mok Teh membuka gelanggang dengan Langkah Sembah


 UMP MMA Club membuat persembahan

 demo KOF2.0


 Dua pengacara sempoi. Satu loghat kedah, satu loghat teganu

 Team Gendang Kerteh 5

 persembahan silat

A promotion had been done to the villagers who live around UMP Pekan, and our students had been promoting them since one week by passing the flyers door to door and also go directly to promote to the passer-by. One of the villagers gave us the banana trees for the Wayang Kulit performance for that night.

 satu-satunya pokok pisang yg kami jumpa kat kg. jalan tegak


It was scheduled to start at 9pm but unfortunately the Wayang team had a big problem with their transport on their way came to UMP Pekan. The Dikir team started the event and Wayang had started at 10pm. 

 Maharisikala yang bertapa di gua, diiring oleh penuntut-penuntut nya yang akan diperlimaukan. Bisikan Maharisikala ini juga sebagai tanda penyampaian ilmu kebatinan pada kedua-dua Dewa Panah...

It was indeed a new experience of everyone of us to organize such a very beautiful cultural night with a real performers came from the village. And we were also honored to have the villagers around UMP who came and enjoyed the show. Most of them said the last time they watch a shadow puppet show when they were still young in the 70's-80's and it reminds them how this shadow puppet show was their "television" at that time. The art of playing the shadow puppet is a very difficult art and more and more "Tok Dalang" become older and it is not possible that if we don't preserve the art, one day we will only can witness the show only in Youtube or CD's. After couple of days talking with the Tok Dalang and Tukang Gendang, I found that a Tok Dalang is the main person for everything in a Wayang Kulit. He is the director, the actors, the narrator, the music compositors and even the comedians. Hundreds of stories, legends, myths and characters with different voices, attitude and personality have to be imitated.

I do hope that this culture will preserve. And everyone of us should do our small role to make this will last...

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