Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Day in Malaysia

I just got this message, and really, I am ashamed of being Malaysian. This is one of the most ridiculous thing that happens among young Malay generation. It is not mainly the question of celebrating the Valentine's day it self, but how they celebrate it. In the Star Online, said that, the girls are urged to not to wear the panties during the Valentine's day to show their love to their lover. The no-panties promotion, Jangan Pakai Seluar Dalam, is circulated among the teenagers.

This is really bullshit. The fruit of the carelessness of leaders and parents. This happens when our country is exposed abusively to the negative influence from outside. Look what happen now in our Moslem neighbors. Many disasters happen as the sign of our sins. The second caliph, Umar Al-Khattab (r.a) once said, if you want to know the future of one civilization, look at their teenagers. And I am pretty sure if this continues, Malaysia will be a doomed country.

Look at our teenagers. What a serious social problems that we have! How it is easy to get the porn DVD in Malaysia nowadays. Even worst they make their own with their handset. When he starts to commit a sex at the really young age, beleive me, he won't be interested in education at school or at university anymore. What happens in the future if no one is interested anymore in the education and technologies? There will be lots of problem of out-married pregnancy, rape, and even can bring to suicide and prostitution. Where is the Moslem and Asian values in our society? What is the different of a virgin girl and not in front of Malay guys nowadays? Look at the "Malaysia's playboy magazine", Mangga, who legally shows the uncovered and sexy Malaysian celebrities that every Mom feel ashamed if their boy sees such of the thing.

The drugs also seems to be easily accessible in our country. The Pil Kuda, Shahbu, Morphine, Cocaine, and others can be owned in a low price. A young man, killed his mother because need money for his dose. This is only one case among thousands in Malaysia. I have seen all of this. I know how it feels. I know that once you are addicted with the drug, there is no more family or friend. Last 10 years, most of the drug consumers, or pushers, were the adults. But now statistic shows that more and more teenagers and students become the drug addicts..

I know that to change this, it can't be in a blink of eye. Everyone of us, who has the faith and conscience must fight this before it is too late. I don't want my beloved country,my society, my neigborhood or my family affected with this. Many Malaysian think that by doing this, by having this "liberty", by live like the teen movies "American Pies", or by "not wearing their panties during Valentine's day" is modern and soooo civilized. They are the wannabies, fools and non-educated university's students. They think when they have a blond-dyed hair, blue eyes (cheap contact lenses of course) and can speak English in "Manglish" way, they are as the updated as the overseas students...

This is where our Gayong communities can play the role. Gayong comes from Malay people. I found that if we do Gayong in the true way, with the principe that we learn and we promise during the Mandi tapak, Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi, one can be educated. How could you disrespect you Mom while you promise to obey her during the Mandi tapak? How could you take drugs while you know that it is Haram (forbidden) in Islam? How could you let your brother or sister in the problems, while you can help him/her with your strength that you learn in Gayong???

I think this is the time to fight for this. Gayong is not only a martial art. It is the way to educate, and to save people, from his own enemies. I urge my Gayong brothers and sisters, and my Silat family to save our own society. We must have Silat club and class in every school and universities. Gayong teachers must bring the real Gayong teaching, not limited it as a self defense class. We are Gayong. This must be one of our priorities before everything is too late. Jangan nasi sudah menjadi bubur....

maaf banyak2 sedara2 semua... tengah marah ni. bila baca pasal keruntuhan akhlak anak2 muda kita, rasa nak rajawali jer budak2 laki n pelempang pompuan yg gedik2 tu. sabar... sabar... Astaghfirullahal a'zim.....

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