Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Tempur Bebas equipments. I bought that MATSURU punching bag at the "brocante" in Paris for 10Euros. ;)

Tempur Bebas, or "sparring", is one of a requirement during a grading of Silat Seni Gayong. During a White Belt grading normally one Pesilat must fight against 2 oppenents. In Green belt, one versus 3 opponents, in Reb belt one versus 4 opponents and in Yellow belt, one versus 4 with every each of them holding different basic weapons of Gayong like Knife, Stick, Machete, Keris and Spear. For the grading of Black Belt, one Pesilat must face 5 black belts opponents, with different and various type of weapons like the chain, sword, javelin, axe, kerambit etc. The Tempur Bebas is NOT a Pentas. Pentas is a choreography, a planned fight. Tempur Bebas is a free-fight.

warming up

Eventhough it is only a Tempur Bebas grading with a "referee", but the fight during the grading was intense. I did receive a nice knife strike directly on my left forehead during my Black Belt grading in 2008, and I realized it only after finishing the grading one hour later, and after putting out my Tanjak with blood. Funnily, after the grading (grading was done in the morning), my family and I went to my fiancee's family's house for the "engagement" ceremony. Everyone was laughing at my bruise at my forehead while wearing the "traditional engagement suits". My Ma only said "Budok buas baso dio doh!" (a hyperactive boy deserves that!)

I have included the free-sparring training inside the syllabus of Silat Seni Gayong everywhere I teach. Differently with Silat Olahraga, there are less rules in Tempur Bebas of Silat Seni Gayong.As far as I was told, we are not allowed to intentionally attack the eyes and the private part. It is a physical and mental training, as we train the strength and the endurance. The tactics also is important, but the mind is far more important. When I had a chat with the old masters, I am always proud to hear their achievement in Gayong. Especially their hard training in the time of Dato' made them strong and fit even until they are old.

For this reason I try my best to revive the Tempur Bebas during our training at UMP. At Kelantan, I had seen one place that really makes the Tempur Bebas as their weekly (or even daily) training. It was at Kg Wakaf Zin, the Gelanggang of Cikgu Nasir. During the sparring, there were no distinction between Cikgu, Gurulatih, Jurulatih or new students. In Tempur Bebas, no more "how many Dans on your belt". I like the Cikgu's quotation : "Jangan kejarkan Dan, tapi kita 'badi Dan' (mendahului)".

I am suggesting that every each Gurulatih do the Tempur Bebas in their Gelanggang. And the lesson won't be in maximum if the Gurulatih himself come to class, tell to all of his students to do the Sparring, but himself sitting in the chair, and just observing his students without doing anything. Gurulatih must be the first who is fit to do the sparring. But of course, those who are still in 30's and below can do this regularly. But i've seen certain Gayong Masters who are in 40's and 50's, still can free-fight and unbeatable by the young fighters. I am personally have a huge respect to those Masters who still keep in form and ready in any moments. HORMAAAAAT!!!!! :)

Alhamdulillah, last night was our first training of Tempur Bebas. But since we are inside the university, the safety rules must be respected. So body protectors, hand and leg guards, and head protectors were used. InsyaAllah , ONCE per week, we'll have Tempur Bebas class. Many thanks to my brother Cikgu Zaki Ahmad, who assist me always for the development of Silat Seni Gayong at UMP and for his wide commitments to provide a complete training equipments and tools for NAGA RANTAU. Hopefully, those who are interested to join us, please don't hesitate to pass by and pay us a visit. Your presence, comments, critics and supports are much appriciated! ;) JOM MAKAN DURIAN. ;)

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