Thursday, November 3, 2011


Starts with warming up

" this is cocorinha..."


keeping the energy!


Meia-lua de Frente

Queda de Rins

meia lua de compasso & negativa

warming down...


Group photo of "Senzala Capoeira Seminar" at UMP, 2nd of October 2011

I had organized a seminar of Capoeira Senzala with Instructor Pixote from France. It was just that I hadn't enough time to update the news! We are planning to set up a Capoeira Senzala club in the Universiti Malaysia Pahang, and I am sure there will be many student who are interested to this Brazilian martial art. It will be the baby of Capoeira Senzala in Malaysia, and we are proud to say that Senzala school is one of the pioneer group of Capoeira in Brazil. To Instructor Pixote, many thanks for spending a time with us here. Send our best regards to Mestre Sorisso and the Senzala group of Montpellier. InsyaAllah, hope that the project will have a good start.
The first seminar was attended by most of my student in Silat Seni Gayong. Again, it is to let the students to see the martial art differently with the respect to the others. ;)

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  1. Hey this is really cool! There's also a Senzala Group in Penang, Malaysia. Maybe could contact each other here. Check out the website: