Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 6: Intensive Course For Gurulatih

Group Photo




Today we had an intensive course for Gurulatih, since tomorrow morning we are going to have our Perlimau Tapak and Seni, and also the belt grading for few of the students.

We had also trained a lot the syllabus for the kids. Hope that after this, we will start to build up a section for kids, since it's a good plan for the continuation of our team member.

Bravo for a non-stop training tonight and hope that every perticipant will do their best for the belt grading. ;)

Genggam, Angkat, Yakin, Waras dan Ngeri....

Pour mes deux ceintures Jaunes, Cikgu Ben et Cikgu Stephane, n'oubliez pas ca! ;)

"Seladang Berjuang, Kuda Perang, Cenderawasih Kayangan, Hanuman Kera Putih, Raja Tedung, Macan Siluman, Naga Samudera"

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