Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 5: Exchange Visit with "Canne de Combat"

traditional technique of canne a combat

6 Asas Serangan dalam French 'Canne a Combat': Basic bagi permainan Pedang dan Kayu Panjang Perancis.

Prof Laszlho mengajar kami bermain pedang gaya French

Tamat latihan bersama Prof Laszlho dan ahli lain.

Tonight we went to the club of French Combat Stick (Canne a Combat), one of the old martial art of French people. This is the basic of French Sword (escrime) but using the stick instead of a real sword. The purpose for this program is not only to teach Silat Seni Gayong to the French, but also to learn their martial art as an cultural and martial exchange so every Gurulatih has the open eyes for the diversity of martial method. As we always say : The unity in diversity!

After two hours of learning the technique and tricks, we finish the sparring with the "Salut", and had a photo session! ;) The class was short for us to master this art, but the generosity and warm welcome from this French Master and his students will remain in our heart forever. Hopefully, again, that this activity will bring benefit to everyone. ;) Merci a tous!!!!!

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