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 Training at Blok W, UMP campus Gambang

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah, our program of "Konvensyen Naga Rantau-Gayong France 2012" had just successfully finished. During one month, the French delegation from Association Francaise Silat Seni Gayong, had sent 6 from their members to undergo an intensive Silat Seni Gayong training in Malaysia under my supervision. The Gelanggang Naga Rantau, a Silat Seni Gayong association of Universiti Malaysia Pahang had been the main committee that realize the program. Universiti Malaysia Pahang, under the Student Affairs and Alumni Department had willingly sponsored the transport, accommodation, foods and drinks and even the Masters invited to make the program inside the university.

 Training at Rumah Pengetua, UMP campus Pekan

One new student arrived earlier than others. Julien had contacted me and Benjamin PONS (my representative in France) to join the training in Malaysia. And he had to work harder than others since he was new to all of the Gayong technique. The Anak Naga Rantau, mostly were in university vacation, had came to support and to join every program in UMP, especially to work with their new Gayong family from France. 

 Training the basic locks of Gayong

 Training at Student Centre, UMP campus Pekan

After a week training in Universiti Malaysia Pahang, our team went to KL and met our Gayong France team. Stephane, Christophe, Aurelien, Julien, Adeline and Mathilde were our fighters who wanted to take the challenge 3-4 weeks in Malaysia! Our first destination is to Kedah, one of the "cradle" of Silat Seni Gayong. Since I teach Silat Seni Gayong in France, I tried my best to make all of my French students understand about the big family of Gayong. Eventhough AFSSG is officially affiliated with PSSGM, we were taught the Adab and Adat with the Masters. Since many of my Masters are moving inside the other Gayong federations than PSSGM, we took the chance to visit Gayong Masters in Gurun, Kedah.

 Waiting the bus at Pudu Central

I have been contacting Cikgu Shamsul, the son of Cikgu Majid of Pusaka Gayong (PSSPGM), and also (if i'm not mistaken) the General Secretary of the federation, for our intention to visit this old Master. But surprisingly, our arrival was welcomed with a special demonstration, supper meals and even many of senior Pusaka Gayong Masters were presence to. It was truly a great honor for me and Gayong France delegation for the celebration. We arrived at very late in the evening due to the problem with the bus heading to Gurun.


 superb demonstration by the demo team of Pusaka Gayong

 Pak Andak Majid, Cikgu Fadhil and Ustaz Lah

After the demo done by the demo team of Pusaka Gayong, Cikgu Majid had requested a demo from Gayong France team. Our Srikandi, Mathilde and Adeline came out with the Pentas Kunci Hidup, and had a big applause from the Masters and Anak Gayong. It was truly a great pleasure to hear that Cikgu Majid was happy to see the French could move and show the Gayong technique, and hoping that the effort in France will continue forever.


I would like to thank PSSPGM, Pak Andak Majid, Cikgu Fadhil, Ustaz Lah, Cikgu Shamsul, Cikgu Kahar, Cikgu Syukur, Cikgu Atan, Cikgu Faiz, Cikgu-Cikgu who I forgot their names, Gurulatih-Gurulatih, Anak-Anak Gayong and all of the families that welcomed us as their own. 

Gambar Kenang-Kenangan Gayong France - PSSPGM

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