Thursday, August 9, 2012


 With Tok Ayah Sor

Our journey continued to my hometown at Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. For me, it is very important for the students to know my family and my background, as it is one of the criteria of sincerity. The Ramadhan started already and the training was continued despite the hot and dry environment. Other than training, we made some tourist thing: visiting, window shopping, shopping, eating, etc. I bring the team to visit Tuan Haji Mansor, as known as Tok Ayah Sor, who came to France on my invitation in 2005 to perform the Mandi Tapak for the first time in France. Tok Ayah Sor nowadays takes his rest for a while of his health and going better now.

 With Cikgu Nasir

After that, I bring them to shop some cheap imported Indonesian Keris at Kota Bharu. For those who doesn't have any experience in buying the Keris, will absolutely become the victim and pay a big price for a Keris of low quality. There are many range of quality of Keris. Some seller who cheat and sell "the story" of Keris, rather than it's quality. So I bring them to buy some cheap keris for the training. In the next day, I brig them to my Master, Cikgu Nasir, one of the expert of Keris in Malaysia. And that was the time that everyone "cried". Every each of keris and weapon in his house is in their finest quality. There are the cheapest Keris of hundred of Ringgit, but the quality is still superb, to the hundred thousands of quality of Keris designed for the Royal personality and high rank politician. It reminds me a lot to the Katana of my Master in France, which he bought from Japan. There are some Katana blacksmith in Japan who are restricted to sell their Katana outside Japan. Their finest Katana are all considered as the country treasure. The same thing I see what's in the spirit of this Master. I asked him once, "why don't you sell a cheap Keris?". He replied nicely, "a cheap Keris, with low quality, will make the people think that Melayu (Malay), we don't have a knowledge in forging our own weapon." And I read it, the fact of making cheap Keris, will downgrade the image of our own people, who are actually very intelligent and expert dealing with the metals. I urge that every Gayong practitioner, to get at least one "true" Keris as our "sisipan".

 Seni Kipas

 Seni tekpi & Ibu Tekpi

Our training at Pasir Puteh made my first partner in Silat Seni Gayong came and trained with us. He is Cikgu Sabri, and I forgot his position in Army. Luckily, we was training the Tekpi and Ibu Tekpi technique. I learned Tekpi with my Gayong Masters, but the Ibu Tekpi technique is a specific weapon of my Master of Silat 7 Permainan. He was the late Allahyarham Guru Pak Ku Hussein of Bukit Awang. Cikgu Sabri was the one who made my teeth cracked until now which is fortunately still strong enough not to fall down. And I was the one who make him half fainted. It was the terrible technique of "PUKULAN SATU".

the first intensive course and white belt grading at Kem Kijang, 1996

We was still 13 years old, but were the best partners who trained and played Gayong in a very violent and hard way. In one Keris training, I had even picked the Keris and pushed it so hard into his stomach. He managed to escape the strike, but I made a big hole on his underwear! lol That was a very fun and happy moment in Gayong. But after 3 years, he moved to Taiping and had a chance to train under Cikgu Ahmad Ayazi and Bonda Siti Kalsom. And me, I continued my training in Pasir Puteh until I finished my secondary school with Red Belt.

Buah Kaki

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  1. It was a very nostalgic memories being "anak Gayung". Journey of our life bring us to so many stages that paint a picture of our life.

    Glad to see Cikgu Hakim as true Anak Gayung who dedicate his life for martial art and yet Gayung as a center of his interest.

    By the way, regarding my rank in army... I'm lieutenant in Malaysian Armed Forces :)