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 The tomb of the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom binti Naning @ Meor Abdul Rahman

Our journey continued to Perak, the birthplace of the late founder and the Mahaguru, Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman bin Daeng Uda Mohd Hashim. We paid them, (Dato' Mahaguru, Datin and Cikgu Siti Kalsom)
a visit at the tomb for a respect and prayer from us.

 The house of Mahaguru

After that we went to visit Cikgu Sazali, the son of the founder. It was a very meaningful meeting with him. I am sure that the Anak Gayong France must have been very happy for moment.

 One of the Sundang Lipas of the Mahaguru

 A Keris of the Mahaguru

Some souvenir from Cikgu Sazali

Gambar kenang-kenangan

We took also the chance of being in Perak to pay a visit to the cave of Panglima Hitam, a cave where the great grand father of Mahaguru had done his meditation, and same as where the Mahaguru himself. It is believed that the cave was dug by using an axe. We were welcomed by Pak Man, a Gayong Master who are still active at Taiping. He bring us also to visit the Gelanggang of Gayong Warisan at the  top of the hill.

Pak Man told some history to us

 Gua Panglima Hitam

 Gelanggang Silat Seni Gayong milik PSSGWSM

 Tun Teja's Kerambit collection ;)

Our last destination in Perak is to visit Pak Ngah Izahar, one of a senior master in Perak. As usual, a visit to this old Master's house, we will never leave without a good "souvenir"! The training was accompanied by a good food prepared by Mak Ngah. The moment was really really really awesome, especially for me! ;) Thank you Pak Ngah for the Ilmu. InsyaAllah, next time we will spend more time with next French delegation! ;)

 With Pak Ngah Izahar

The fabrication of Sundang Lipas...The "RNGN" is in the making! ;) 
sajer letak gambar ni di sini. santapan mata hahahaha. (gambar tak berkait dengan lawatan ke Perak)

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