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AJK Khatam Keris PSSGMKL with AJK Khatam Keris PSSGMUMP with Cikgu Sani Morni

Khatam Keris is a traditional ceremony practiced in Silat Seni Gayong after the disciples have finished learning the Keris technique. Two major weapons in Silat Seni Gayong , "Keris" and "Lembing (Tombak)" have their unique ceremony, unlike the other weapons or techniques. In the beginning, the students will have to undergo a very long way before arriving to this ceremony. Every student must train the Seni keris (art of Keris) almost everyday, and had to pass a certain level by the "supervisor" before their name can be selected for this "graduation-like" ceremony. One thing is sure, the Keris technique will totally burned out your leg muscles in the first time. But after few training, everyone will get to used to the low position Kuda-Kuda stand and low position Langkah. Accident happens. Even the Keris in some cases "flied" and injured the people outside the Gelanggang.

Alhamdoulillah, after a long-waiting commitment, with a lot of sacrifice from everyone especially Cikgu Sani Morni and Cikgu Rahman, all of "adik-adik" in Gelanggang Naga Rantau UMP had finally had the chance to undergo the Khatam keris ceremony.

Kursus Keris Intensif Siri 1 @UMP Kampus Pekan

Latihan Keris Intensif  Siri 2 @ Rumah Gayong with Cikgu Sani Morni, Cikgu Zul, Sdr Nasir BMI and PSSGMKL

Latihan Keris Intensif Siri 3 (Tapisan Peserta Khatam UMP)

Team Gelanggang Naga Rantau UMP : Honored guests, Cikgu Ezhar Abbas and also Cikgu Muhammad came to snap a photo with us also just after the Khatam Ceremony. 

When I first came to Universiti Malaysia Pahang, I see how these UMP student are all so committed and it was there how the "Naga Rantau" is born. One of the Naga Rantau philosophy is the word "Rantau" with the meaning of "Travelling to seek the knowledge". After all the plannings, all the effort, alhamdoulillah, Cikgu Sani Morni, the Khalifah Besar PSSGM Selangor, who is also the Pengerusi Majlis Gurulatih PSSGMKL, and Khalifah Sundang and Cindai of the late Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman bin Daeng Uda Hashim had accepted to come to UMP for the first time last year with Cikgu Rahman the YDP PSSGMKL (president) and Cikgu Hafiz BMI. I am grateful that the relationship with Cikgu Sani, Cikgu Rahman and the senior Gurulatih in KL continued until this Khatam Keris is actually happening without any major problems.

The difficult path that we experience since the beginning of planning this big event are priceless. And all of us in UMP had learned a lot of thing from Cikgu Sani, Cikgu Rahman and the PSSGMKL. It is not easy to break up the bad habits and behavior of certain Gayong practitioner especially in managing a big federation like this. As what Cikgu Sani said "Pahat and Penukul" is a good analogy of a Teacher and Student roles in developping the society. Perhaps, those people out there see the success of this Khatam Keris and will say that we understand the art of Keris now. But the truth is that, the more we learn, the more questions to be found the answers. The knowledge gained is not only the Keris, but moreover the softskills, the attitude, the way of thinking, and the "Jatidiri" which is almost lost in every single Malay nowadays.

Meeting terakhir AJK Khatam PSSGMUMP

Kursus Tapisan Keris

Kursus Tapisan Keris

Kursus Tapisan Keris 
Kursus Tapisan Keris

Ada yang tercedera sikit.....

2 Questions:
1st) What are they looking at?
2nd) Where is the Keris hold by one of them?

As like the tradition, we are taught only the seventeen technique of Keris, believed to be inherited from Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu. The 5 legendary Malay warrior in the 14th century. The 18th, 19th, adn 20th are only taught a night or a morning before the last "Buah" of 21st will be taught when we started the ceremony. In UMP, we even had the "Kursus Tapisan", 2 weeks before the Majlis Khatam, after having 2 intensive courses of Keris with Cikgu Sani Morni. Cikgu Ezhar Abbas , Khalifah Besar PSSGM Selangor, was the responsible Ketua Gurulatih for the Buah Khatam, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st. Cikgu Ahmad Ismail, aka Mad Jepun @ Singa Putih (White Lion) was the responsible for the traditon ceremony as the Tukang Khatam. Cikgu Nordin, the Kipas Emas Kebangsaan, came all the way from Perlis to be among us in the ceremony. Cikgu Selamat the Pengerusi Lembaga Beradat PSSGM Selangor and Cikgu Muhammad , the Khalifah Besar of PSSGM Melaka were also among the guest that came to share their experience and knowledge during the ceremony.

Cikgu Muhammad, Cikgu Selamat, Cikgu Nordin, Cikgu Rahman and Cikgu Ezhar Abbas during a slot "sharings with the senior Gurulatihs" night of Khatam Keris.

Students from UMP, UIA, UniKL, UITM are among the participants.

The VIP from PSSGM kebangsaan, PSSGM Pahang and PSSGM Johor unfortunately couldn't present during this ceremony for the personal and professional reason. The invited guests of the Board of Waris Amanah also couldn't come for the same reason. However alhmdoulillah, the ceremony was done perfectly from the beginning, when we start to process the roaster, the Pinang, the flowers, the Sirih etc. For UMP, 39 anak Gayong Naga Rantau included me had been participated in this meaningful event. I am sure this is the one memory that we could not forget forever.

Pinang : Fresh dari Ladang

Bunga : Fresh dari Cameron Highland

Caesar and Cleopatra yang setia menunggu sepanjang khatam keris dijalankan dari awal hingga tamat.

Privilege and precious moment of Aaisy Aryan with the Sundang lipas of the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom, the honorary weapon of the Khatam Ceremony.

As a representative of Universiti Malaysia Pahang for this program, I would like to express my gratitude to Cikgu Sani Morni (Pengerusi Majlis Gurulatih PSSGM KL)
 Cikgu Rahman YDP PSSGM WPKL
 PSSGM KL crew (Cikgu Suhaimi, Cikgu Fiza
Cikgu Zul, Cikgu Hafifi, Cikgu Busu, Cikgu Boy, Cikgu Nora, Cikgu Dzul, Cikgu Fairuz, Cikgu Jamal, Cikgu Yan (Ibu Gayong for the Khatam),all cikgu-Cikgu KL & Selangor).

Cikgu Mad Jepun (Tukang Khatam) and crew (Cikgu Noriman and all Cikgu from Perak).

 Cikgu Ezhar Abbas (Buah Khatam).

 Cikgu Selamat, Cikgu Muhammad, Cikgu Nordin (Kipas Emas).

 PSSGM Selangor crew, PSSGM Perlis crew, PSSGM BMI, PSSGM UIA, Teluk Gorek Campsite crew, PSSGM Kebangsaan, and all of the guest that come and support this program. I would like to apologize if during our co-operation for this event, lots of weakness from our part. Maaf banyak-banyak buat Cikgu-Cikgu semua. Jangan serik panggil kami di UMP ye untuk apa2 program. hehehehehehe.

Kenang-kenangan PSSGMWPKL and PSSGMUMP

Penyampaian Bengkung Merah Chula 1, Merah Kosong and Hijau pada anak-anak Gayong Gelanggang Naga Rantau


Sewaktu Sundang Lipas dibawa masuk

Peserta-peserta Khatam Keris

 Menuju ke Beting Pasir

Guru Tua memperturunkan Buah Khatam

Betikam Keris buat "kali terakhir". All out!

 "Nun Lautan Sana Berchula tujuh, Lautan sini berchula Se"

Jamuan pelengkap majlis adat

Peserta Khatam keris UMP bersama Guru Tua Tuan Haji Sani Morni beserta kekanda-kekanda PSSGMWPKL

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