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Kang Cecep PENCAK SILAT PANGLIPUR: A Master, A Fighter, An Actor and A Brother.

Pencak Silat Panglipur

Kang Cecep Arif Rahman is a well-known Silat Master all over the world. I met him for the first time in 2008 during the Best of The Best Paris Open. Since then, we become friend, and he becomes a big brother who I respect a lot. It is not his popularity, but more on his character and philosophy that amazes me. After few time spent together during his sejour in France, alhamdoulillah, I finally arrived at Kang Cecep's home. Greetings from him and his family in a small town of Garut comforted me after a long journey in the center of Java island. This is Sundanese territory. A smooth-polite spoken people with of course, again, beautiful scenery of nature and,... women. I am not sure whether it is due to the cool air in Garut or it's just that I left my wife too long!lol. Honestly, it's seems that I am in Kelantan. The face of the villagers here are much alike in my hometown in Pasir Puteh. So for a quick conclusion, I would say, Kelantan in Malaysia is like Bandung in Indonesia. But no offense to those who are non-kelantanese! lol

Beautiful scene 

Kang Cecep is one of the young Master of Panglipur. After the founder of Panglipur, Abah Aleh passed away, he left his daughter , who was known as Ibu Enny. After Ibu Enny passed away couple of years ago, the Panglipur school is lead by the board of Sesepuh and also a president for the administration. Kang Cecep is the one among few who is responsible for the belt gradings, and one of the Master who promote the Pencak Silat Panglipur to the world whether in the Demonstration platform or in the film. The Raid 2, is one of the film that Kang Cecep plays a role.

Two talkative and passionate tourist guide! ;)

I asked him lots of questions, especially on the subject of Pencak Silat. It becomes clearer to me the concept of the Pencak Silat in the Java island. How Kari goes to Madi, and how Cimande goes to Cikalong. And how the Cikalong goes to Serak. And how Shahbanda came to Java. And at the end, how Panglipur regroup every essence of the Pencak Silat into one Perguruan. Indeed, all the conversation that I had with Kang Cecep confirms my heart. It is all about the unity in diversity. The science and knowledge of God through Pencak Silat is not granted to only one person. If we love the Pencak Silat as the art of God, then how could we resist from not going to learn and learn this precious art.

Kids were all having fun! 

Kipas training. 

Kang Cecep's students in his Gelanggang

The more we learn with different Guru, the more we understand the art. Learning with different Guru surely doesn't mean that we left our Guru like the Malays expression of "Kacang Lupakan Kulit" (Peanuts forget his own shells). A Guru that wants his students succeed will guide them to seek more knowledge from other Guru. This is one of the highest level of  being the Master, as the feeling of "owning" the lesson, "possessing" the students, "having" a big school and many loyal disciples, are all attributed to the All-Mighty All s.w.t. Many of his advice touches my heart, my spirit and my mind very much. Until my last question, "Until when are you stop looking for a new teacher?". Smiling to me, he said "until my last breath". Being a humble is not just a theory. It is inside the attitude. Not judging people, and not to be too extreme in one's belief or doctrine is the best way a Pesilat can do. But the faith must very firm and sturdy. At the end of Panglipur, the disciple also must arrive at the path of Maarifatullah.

Kang Cecep

Alhamdoulillah. I spent a very nice moment in Kang Cecep's home. It is indeed a great break time before continuing my journey on Java island. Brother Cecep, thank you so much for everything, thank you also to your family, and your students who are all welcoming me although they first thought me as a Pakistanese who are lost in a village. ;) Semoga Allah set membalas segala budi baik dan silaturrahmi dari pihak Kang cecep. Jazakumullahi khairan jaza', hayyakumullah yg akhi.

This is my favorite. Let us snap a photo together baby! ;)

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