Friday, April 4, 2014

Garis Paksi : Bapak Gending Raspuzi

My journey bring me to "Paris Van Java" , the beautiful Indonesian region with lots lots beautiful Indonesian women everywhere. 8D.  It is Bandung. And I did enjoy my 'sejour' with Angkut all around the city center and also the rural area. In Bandung, it is the Sunda culture practiced here. The children all wearing the black long sleeve shirt with the batik headgear came back home from school. The dialect here used is Sundanese, and the main Pencak Silat style is Maenpo. The highest rank among the weapon here is the "Kujang", differently compared with Semenanjung, Sumetara or Sulawesi.

traditional patisseries

Other than a little bit cold climate, Bandung also as is very well known for it's higher education institutions. ITB for example is one of the best, especially in the field that I am growing up : aerospace and aeronautical engineering. But that time I didn't come to Bandung for any of engineering matters. It is more.

Satay with rice. + Sweet Soy sauce! Hmmmm.....

I met Bapak Gending Raspuzi for the first time in real person. Before this, I knew him from the video sold by my brother Eric Chatelier, of Saudara Kaum production. The technique he showed was very simple but effective: the gravity center. I was lucky because the night I met him was the night of graduation ceremony for the trainers and also for the kids. Alhamdoulillah, Bapak Gending had willing to share his experience, his knowledge, and also his principles in Pencak Silat in general. Having more than 40 teachers from 21 styles all around Indonesia, Bapak Gending Raspuzi had carefully arrange a new syllabus in his association of Garis Paksi. Cimande, Cikalong, Serak are among the Jurus that one can find in the Garis Paksi syllabus.

Bapak Gending Raspuzi

Couple of hours discussion and training, even though it is so short, but many inputs and knowledge I got from this humble grandmaster. Bapak Gending perhaps to appear in the street without being noticed that he is a Silat Master. But his modesty, his vision and his principle are enormous and deserve to be shared. Since that we finished the class very late in the evening, one of senior disciple, Kang Mpu Andi bring me home by his motorcycle. Indeed, the training made me harder to wake up in the morning! ;)

Garis Paksi Training Center

I would like to thank to Bapak Gending for welcoming me and teach me many precious advice. InsyaAllah I hope that was not the first and the last I met him. Jazakumullahu khair dan hayyakumullah ! ;)

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