Friday, April 11, 2014

"KLEWANG JAMBUL" : Tanah Serendah Sekebun Bunga

posing with my "Klewang Jambul"

Going back home in Pasir Puteh is not as easy as before. Everything changes when the moment we have family and career. Eventhough Pekan to Pasir Puteh would take only 5 hours-drive, it must be carefully planned since Monday is a working day. 

Tanah Serendah Sekebun Bunga is a name for Kelantan in the previous time. The history of Kelantan is much more older than the Malacca itself. The Cermin empire, The Grahi, the Champa, the Langkasuka, the Jembal sultanate until the new era of kelantanese kingdom are much more than what most we read in the history book. Paduka Cik Siti Wan Kembang, known as Adruja Wijayamala Singa was a princess who had killed a Thai emperor King Kamheang, who intended to invade into her country. Adruja was trully a female warrior, who lead a 40 female warrior team named Sri Wijayamala. Expert in the horseback archery, they finally had succeeded in helping the King Sang Tawal (Sultan Muhammad), the princess father in defending the country. Her favorite weapon is the "Klewang Jambul", which she named as "Kilatan", which is believed by certain historian the origin of the name of Kelantan.

 There few traditional Kelantanese weapons a part from the weapons that could be found in other parts of Malay archipelago. Klewang Jambul, Golok Jambul, Kapak Binjai, etc. One of my Guru, Allahyarham Pak Ku Hussin of Bukit Tanah was one of the old master who had learned from generation to generation of these traditional Kelantanese weapons. He said once that Klewang Jambul is a sort of immitation of the Zulfakkar sword (of the Saydina Ali kar.) but adapted with the combat nature in the Malay archipelago. It is indeed one of the deadliest weapon that one can depend on in the battle. The Klewang Jambul, as been taught in the Silat 7 Permainan of Pak Ku Hussin, is a light weapon of the hard steel, used to slash, to cut, to block, to lock, to drag, to stab and to hit. Combining this 7 principe, making this favorite weapon of Adruja is the best whether in the open battle or anywhere else. 

Paduka Adruja Wijayawala Singa

Being wake up in the morning having the Nasi Berlauk (rice with yellow-cucurma-sauce and fish) and my Ma's Teh Susu make me re-transform back to a Kelantanese. Oh how memories flying in my mind sitting on the old chair in the kitchen. I love to be back home. I love to be back to my hometown. My village. My place. My school. My Masters. But too little time to visit everyone. Hope to get more chance in the future.