Monday, October 26, 2009

BRUCE LEE: His encounter of Gayong

The purpose of learning Silat Seni Gayong is not only to learn the late MAHAGURU's fatal one-finger attack or a Kipas Senandung strikes that kicked the ass of many legendary martial art fighters. But learning Silat Seni Gayong meaning we make the philosofies of Gayong as our way of life. Most of the people, don't know the fact that the late MAHAGURU met (and fought) once the most popular Hollywood martial art actor, Bruce Lee. I had heard this story since my first steps in Gayong, but I'd rather considered it as a "tales". But the more I dive into the histories and the practices of Gayong, the more I can accept and beleive the story, especially as my many years practices starts bear it's fruits to me myself.

I believe that the fight between the late MAHAGURU and Bruce Lee was true, and I beleive that the late MAHAGURU had defeated him as what the story told. Many of Gayong seniors had heard it from the words of MAHAGURU himself about the fight and certain had record his speechs. But unfortunately, certain tapes have been damaged or lost. If there any Gayong seniors who still have the tape, please be free to share it with me!

It took me years to decide to reveal this story to the "outsider", to speak publicly in the net and to my students in France, and I can expect many reactions from everyone, mostly the europeans. But after encountering many Gayong master, who are also the "fighter'', I start to ask myself: if the students of the late MAHAGURU, who almost of them are now at 60's and 70's, are still fit, strong and fast enough to kick your ass out of you while you are still young, martially intelligent, and in 20's, how were they when they were young? And how about their Master, the Founder and the Grand Master of Silat Seni Gayong himself at that time? I had the chance to see (eventhough I was still new in Gayong at that time) how Gayong Master ''play'' the ItaliqueGayong technics, like Cikgu Awang Daud, Cikgu Majid, Cikgu Amin Hamzah, Cikgu Sazali, Pak Ngah Izahar or even the late Cikgu Ahmad Lazim (and many others Gayong Masters that I can't recite all here).

Even after the death of MAHAGURU, the best fighters from outside Malaysia still came to meet and challenge the MAHAGURU, (which was not fullfilled) but still were "satisfied" (defeated) by the Gayong seniors. One of the stories I heard was told by Pak Ngah Izahar himself, when a fighter from europe came to search for MAHAGURU at the Gayong training center of Ayer Kuning. He met Cikgu Siti Kalsom and Cikgu Sazali (which I think he must have some "friendly" duel with Cikgu Sazali), and his searching made him encounter Pak Ngah Izahar at Batu Kurau. After the fight, he was convinced that he was defeated by an old "small" Malay master and asked Pak Ngah to teach him Silat Seni Gayong. The stories of what happened next, and just before he met Pak Ngah, I'll let you come to Batu Kurau and ask Pak Ngah yourself! hehehehhe.His stories has similarities with the encounter of the late Mahaguru with Blaise Loong, in the way how does those stranger finally became Anak Gayong. Of course, the late Mahaguru didn't teach them in the way he taught our senior masters. But it proves that this deadly martial art had been tested not one but many times since the time of it's first coming.

This is what I heard from some Gayong masters and gayong seniors, and it still can be read in Malay at one of the Gayong website.

The story of Bruce Lee and MAHAGURU started when MAHAGURU made a flight stop-over at Hong Kong, after returning from UK. The Chinese Dragon Bruce Lee knew that MAHAGURU was in Hong Kong and grabbed the chance to arrange a meeting with him at the airport. As like as the old days, when 2 fighters meet, a skill-excanges is unavoidable. It is a gift for the fighters, to mesure their own capacities. They met in a private room and the fight began. From what I had heard from the seniors in Gayong, MAHAGURU hit Bruce with one of the special Jurus in Gayong known as Kipas Nandung. It was a "poisonous'' technic and the ''venom, a sort of hot internal energy, was injected into the body". Bruce gained his consciousness after being waken up by Mahaguru. The late Mahaguru asked him to come to Malaysia to see him and let him heal the injuries. But the late Bruce never came, but instead use his last breath to make many research on Silat and Pencak and died of drug excess. Dommage, that's how we say in French, of the lost of this Martial Art Researcher. But his death cause make me think that, maybe the effect of the poisonous Kipas Nandung, that cause him to take drugs to bear the pain? Hmmmm...... interesting! (must seek my master to teach me well this thing! hohohoohho)

What ever the truth is, I beleive that they did really have a fight. Because it is the way of fighter, and both were the top in this field. When people sell, we buy, isn't it? ;) What I like of Bruce is that, he was a confident man, and he searched the efficent part of traditional chinese and japanese martial arts. He should have started to search at the Nusantara, the root of Pencak Silat, where the efficient way is in the path the traditional arts.....



  1. salam cikgu kesayangan ku... huhu

    benar ker ade rekod tentang kesahihan pertemuan Arwah Dato Meor ngn Bruce Lee ni??
    aduyai... mesti mau.... huhu

  2. Salam Cikgu Jent,

    yang ni kena tanya orang2 lama dalam Gayong. saya tanya pada seorang senior gayong, dia sempat jumpa arwah Dato', datang ramai2. Dato' siap pecahkan buluh atas kepala dia. Tapi orangnya low profile, tak mahu bising2 sangat. tapi time dia datang tu, arwah Dato' mengakui yang dia pernah lawan mendiang Bruce, dan tewaskan dia dengan Kipas Senandung... ada sorang yg rakam dgn tape, tapi tape tu tak tahu ke mana. perjumpaan dieorang ni dgn arwah Dato' ada diabadikan dalam photo. dulu2, tak percaya juga, tapi sekarang makin yakin..., sebab kurangnya orang yg jadi saksi ni tu yg kita tak tahu cerita sebenar... tapi, hanya Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui...! tahap yakin saya ni hanyalah "I'lmu Taqinn", tidak "a'inul yaqin" atau "haqqul yaqinn"... ;)

    apa2 pun, post ini bertujuan utk "menzahirkan" apa yang kita anak2 Gayong di Malaysia rasa.... kenapa kita begitu yakin dgn ilmu Gayong ini...;)