Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roqya (part one)


Roqya is a healing method based on the Qoran recitations and the Prophetic medicins.

It has been a long time that my last time performing the Roqya. It was done to one of Moslem sister here in France. She had a problem every time she wanted to sleep. During the Roqya session, she was entering into the trans-like state and started to reveal ''himself'' to us. Her problem is that she is completly healthy, but had a serious problem at work. Since she was promoted, she lost all of her ability to think rationally and to work efficently. Everytime she want to sleep at home, she felt as she was tied inside a tomb that make her awake due to the fears, and finally always slept at work because of the tiredness. Finally we discovered that she was attacked by "Sihir'' (black magic) sent to her from one of the jealous collegue.

Nowadays, many people don't believe with the ''invisible'' creatures like Jinn or what ever. They don't believe because they can't see. What would they think about the people in the previous century who didn't believe the existance of the virus and bacteria, because they coudn't see it as the microscope hadn't yet been created? One thing invisible in front of our normal eyes doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

Sad to say, when someone had a problem that cannot be explained by our ''modern'' medicine point of view, we simply classify the case as the problem of psychology. The problem is not solved, moreover we add his suffering by prescribing him the drugs, which are dangerous for his health in a long terms period.

Before I share some of my previous experience of performing Roqya, it is important to know why everyone must know the Roqya, and know some of ''basic'' information about the invisible world. Believe it or not, every man and women on earth was born with a Qarin (close 'friend') with him. If you were born Moslem, it doesn't mean that the Qarin will be Moslem too. He/She could be Christian, Hinduist, Buddhist, Sikh, Communist or Athist or anything else. They have the ''Nafs'' (desire) too. As human being, they eat and drink, and need sex too!

Emotionally, we are influencing them, and so they are influencing us too. Our mental (Brain) is like a minister, who controls his army (body parts) and all physical activities. But the one who controls the minister is the president. The president is our soul. It is him who gives the orders and there is where the feeling comes from. It is said that the soul is in the heart, scientifically. But only God knows best. So since we were born together with our Qarin, we are connecting each other with our heart. If we feel something is good, it is probably that our rational thinking make us think that, or the feeling perception that we receive from our Qarin.

I make a simple example; A husband and a wife had a great moment all night long, wake up in the morning with happiness and smiles, and everything was totally Ok. The husband went out for work, and came back as usual, at the same time like everyday, but what he found was that his wife was in a bad mood. Nothing happened at the house when he was off to office. Even the wife didn't know why she felt that she hated her husband when he came back from work! This "unreasonable'' feelings, came from now where, without any logic explaination, was due to the conflict between their Qarins! When the husband left, his Qarin had a quarell with the Qarin of his wife. The bad feeling from the wife's Qarin; angry, hatred and sad then were transfered to her and made her reacted the same way her Qarin did. Why was only the wife influenced by the feelings, not her husband? It is because the different level of ''protection'' (or as what I call as ''Jinn immunity'') of them.

The Roqya permits us to have protection against all of the outside influences. We are the one who should control ourselves, not the outsiders! By practicing the Roqya, we are creating a self-defense system that make us independant and free. They said that, those who believe in the existance of the Jinn, will suffer of living in fears and traditions. So they decide not to "think and learn'' about this internal protection. Sadly, they are wrong. Not believing, that make them not making any effort to protect them selves, will cost them very much. Is it normal to be forced to follow anything from anyone? Of course not! But by not protecting yourself, is like letting your minds controlled by the outsiders.....

So who are those outsiders? There are 3 types of them:

1) Ainn (the bad eyes)

2) Jinn (genies)

3) Sihr (black magic)

to be continued...


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