Monday, October 12, 2009

DISNEYLAND: Don't Expect The Expected...




Everyone screamed to death, including me. I was falling with a velocity of 9.8m/s,which is parallel vertically with the gravity force to the earth like the apple of Newton. With my weight of at least 65kg, at the height of more than 100 metres to the sky, my potential force will give me a final velocity of more than 40m/s before crashing on the ground. If I am lucky enough, the ground must have a weak rigidity coefficient, absorbing some percentage of momentum, that reduce the impulse by prolonging the time during the impact and I would only suffer of half-paralyse due to the broken vertebrae, instead of kicked the bucket forever due to the excess shock to the medulla oblongata.

As far as I can see the sky, the roof, the clouds, I instantly asked myself why I feel so weird of doing this. No panics, it is just that I was beseated in a chair, with 23 other persons in a spooky haunted lift that fall ''willingly'' for the purpose of 5 minutes adrenaline-pump at the Hollywood Tower. Yes, that ''flippant'' tower situated at the Walt Disney Studio, Disneyland.

I am not a type that would spend money to snap a photo with Mickey or little Mermaid. 7 years living in France, with everytime family and friends came to Paris asking me to bring them to Disneyland, I would happily bring them to the gate, left them, and went back to my home alone and prefer to take another 40 minutes in train with direction to Paris centre, than running around the parks from 10a.m to 10p.m. just to use the 68 euros entrance ticket as much as possible. I'd rather lying back on my bed and enjoying watching the torrent downloaded movies. It's free, and I'm happy.

But now I understand why Prophet Adam (pbuh) took that ''Khuldi" fruit in the Paradise, after persuaded by his beloved Eve (pbuh). Being a strong and firm Gayong ''Master'', with ''thousands'' of students all over the world, I was finally lost in the battle against the lovely voice of Cikgi Nyz, which made me totally melted and evaporated in the sky, leaving me a 10 cents size of courage to say ''NO'' to her wish of going to ''where-a-Gayong-Cikgu-normally-must-not-be-seen-Disneyland-park''

First step in front of the gate, I was welcomed by the spot-check guards looking for any bazookas or samurai sword in the kids's Ben 10 bag. But they still managed to force themselves to smile to those excited kids, with the wish of ''passez une bonne journee!''. Second step was harder, a dead-like serpent queue that took me one hour to reach to the counter, after having those kids yelling, laughing, screaming, and my post-Raya stomach ''fingering'', that killed my mood. But as a warrior, I still kept standing proudly.

lovely Snow White teeth and a retarded giant-head baby... lol

Third step, after buying the ticket, we found the lovely Snow White with one of her dwarf, with a big group of kids hugging them waiting their parents take the photos. The worst part was that every kid had an autograph book and were determinedly wanted her autograph inside the books. Another one hour to arrive in front of them but finally they turned their back to see other children at the other side.Quel dommage! I think I must be look like a Taliban or what that make them run away from me. (but I still liked her shining white teeth! lol) Poor Cikgi Nyz and Puteri! However, we managed to take their photos with Ariel the little mermaid. Really, she was beautiful. Not as beautiful as my Cikgi Nyz though. ;)

Ariel that metamorphosed into Mermaid, wearing a pair of red-shell-like-bra few minutes later...! (oh la la!!!)

Next time I'll kidnap this little red dragon Mushu. Suitable to be used as my Bantal Peluk... Boleh laa Mulan?! ;)

This MK gave Fawwaz a real nice welcome gesture: Elbow strike direct to his right eye... Poor kid!

I was so bored until I came to a cowboy-like cabane, where I can use the gun to shoot the targets. As I realized that the game doesn't interest the girls, we moved to the Mine train. A small type roller coaster that even 5 years boy can come in. The queue was too long. Estimated waiting time: 50 minutes. In the middle of queue, suddenly Danish wanted to pee. Impossible to return back, I asked him to hold his need. That day I understand that when a 5 years old boy says he want to pee, than you must stop everything and bring him to the toilet, eventhough you are busy handling the most risky task at the nuclear plant. He peed already, half-tank I think. Another half I supposed that he wanted to donate to a proper place.

Ejoying the view...

Cikgi Nyz, Puteri and he went to the toilet and waited us outside. Me and Fawwaz we stood still, determined to try this train. Just right after we started to feel our feet so damn tired, we arrived at the depart point, and excitedly sat in the train. 5 minutes ''du bonheur" paid our patience. Not bad, for the beginning. We then went out and searched for them. It was then we discovered that there were the fast-tickets availables and will take us only 10 minutes waiting to the train!

They still got time to pose in front of the camera while driving... Women! ;)
(they are in front of us)

We then explored the park, guided by the map. One whole day, we manage to play only in the Disney park, and only the games and roller coaster for kids. Buzz lightyear, haunted house, Rolling Stone cars, Pirates of Carribean, etc.... Not so satisfied. We then went back to Paris and took a good rest at Cik Faris's house that night.

Limited budget: Only amateur picture of me and Danish
Madame Sleeping Beauty's house. She forgot to lock the door.
High scored Super Father-Will Be contest candidate. K.O at the end of the day.

In the morning, pretending that I was going to Silat class, I went out with Cikgi Nyz again to Disneyland, left the children home. This time, we took our revenge, to play the Indiana Jones and Mountain Space roller coaster, especially for ''Adult''! We even managed to play inside the Walt Disney studio, the well-known Rock-N-Roll Roller Coaster and Hollywood-Scared-You-To-Death-Tower.

What amaze me a lot, is the maintenance system that they have. There must be a "sacre-boulot'' to maintain the whole parks. The landscape is perfect, and they do know to play with emotions. Colors, musics, animations, and everything were well-calculated. If they didn't apply the physics aeroacoutics principes, I am sure that everyone enter the parks will come out being deaf or mentally disturbed person! Imagine every single metre, they place the hidden loudspeaker that has different theme song, depend on the place you walk in.

Finally, I found myself admitting that I enjoyed my self in the Disneyland, mostly because I paid nothing for the entrance tickets, for me and for Cikgi Nyz! (shhhh....! I can't reveal the secret now, as I need to go back there again! hehhehee). This is my second theme park after visiting Europa Park 6 years ago at Germany. By the way, special thanks to Cik Faris's family, and brother Deeno's family for what-you-know-why! hehehehehhe.

Oh God, I still haven't prepared any thing to present tomorrow for my Mars Reacher project! But my eyes felt so heavy and the bed was so soft and warm, to let me decide to pursue my Mars project things in my dream during this chilly Autumn night.....
ZZZZZZZZZ.... Bonne nuit! ;)

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