Friday, October 16, 2009

Raya With PM at Paris

Pavillion Dauphine


Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak

I think everyone knows that our PM came here in Paris last time for diplomatic reason and Raya celebration. What interest me most is the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy made a statement that La France will give his maximum help in term of technology exchange, mainly the nuclear industries. He wants to make La Malaisie his close ally at the South East Asia. Hmmmmmm..... I'm wondering what is his intention exactly??

Students most favorite VIP... ;)

By the way, I ate a lot during the Raya celebration at the Pavillion! hehhehe. Among those French starters or deserts that served that day (a part of Malaysian Raya food), I enjoyed a lot those Macaron: The french colorful biscuit. I bought once a Macaron of size 7 cm diameter at the Quart Temps La Défense, that cost me 3 euros. I finished it only in 3 handsome bites, which made me ask myself the rationalism of buying the biscuit. If I add another 1 euro, I could get a Halal big Double Cheese Kebab, with sauce Ketchup Samurai BBQ, and Salade Tomate Oinion bien rempli! Ah, gastronomy! ;)

devastatingly delicious french starter and dessert that make me forget the PM was there giving his speech.

It was scheduled a session of PM with students. They arranged the room to welcome hundreds Malaysian students. What made me completely frustrated is that, we were not allowed to ask the questions, well...almost. The questions were limited to three, no four, and those who were picked out to ask the questions were those whose their faces were familiar to the ambassador. I had a question, which was really important. It is not concerning a politic or social issue, but rather about the technology prospect that I think our country must not be left behind. Seems that I am not popular enough to get the VIP's attention, I have no choice than to wait another 20 years to make that decision myself after being elected as a new PM. Oppss!!! Not another day dreaming! ;p hehehehhe

Freezin tiger invisible dragon

After few years of determination looking for the real Yu Shulien, a female warrior in the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon film, I finally met Datuk Michelle Yeoh. Waaaaaa..... ni hao ma???? Ni hen ker ai! (main agak jer eja ni! hehehe)

Two adult fans in black, two children fans in green, one celebrity in white..... Ops! ;)

Our Satay Chef was imported from Holland. They were the experts invited by Tourism Malaysia of France. There was even a kugiran band invited to make the performance on that night. It was a gift for those Kaki Joget. Heheheheh.

Kugiran from istana budaya

Joget ...joget... joget lagi! ;)

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