Thursday, October 1, 2009


Coucou tout le monde!!!

Today is 2nd day of our research program at university. This year, we have every of us 3 professional projects: One in Aerospace, one in Aeronautical and lastly in Propulsion. All of these must be finished before March. What a stress! (This is not included yet a research on the Thermal that we are working on! heheheh) We have actually our Aerospace project, with a tutor from CNES (Centre National des Etudes Spatiale: National Centre of Aerospace Studies), from the Department of Launcher Development. Our project is "simple": Constructing a reliable program that would be really useful in building a launcher for the conquest of Mars. Almost impossible to be done in a limited time, but we just have to continue the research and studies that had been already done, gather it, saparate the tasks among us and work really hard on it!

If this project will be completed in the time, we'll be receiving a good amount of money, meaning: Rich! hehehhehehe.. well it is just my imagination... but me and our collegues are working hard to realize this project. Oh, what a good life to be rich: I'll spend all my time to develop Silat everywhere, and a big Silat complex with Gelanggangs, gyms, hostels, cafe and swimming pool!!! ;)

*angan-angan mat jenin ajaaaa (just day dreaming!)..... hheheheehehhe


  1. nok propose project ni ko Najib... tapi dio aritu pening palo sbb ramai hok mai nok brgambar di paris nih... huhhuhuhuuuhu