Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Cikgu NorAzman

Cikgu Norazman is a lecturer at UPSI (Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris), Tanjung Malim. UPSI is always known to be the Gayong learning and training centre for the future teachers. Even one of my master, Tok Ayah Sor (Mansur Othman), the Chief of PSSGM in Kelantan, and many other Gayong Masters like Cikgu Wan Halim, the Chief of PSSGPM in Kelantan, were the Upsi-made-Gayong-Masters. I beleive that, one of the booster for Silat Seni Gayong to be spread to all over country is by these "Cikgu"s. They learned in Upsi, and were sent everywhere in Malaysia, and set up the Gelanggang whereever they be. I learned that the Senior Masters like Cikgu Mufti Ansari and Cikgu Amin Hamzah were among who taught the art to the teachers at UPSI.

I went to visit my brother at Slim River last week, and as promised with two of Cikgu Norazman's right men, Cikgu Jent and Cikgu Lan, they bring me to meet the man behind nowadays Upsi's Gayong factory. Silat Seni Gayong was accepted as the co-curriculum subject at Upsi, and there were about more than 100 students practising Gayong on the day I passed by.

Panglima and Srikandi...

Hoping to learn something from Cikgu Norazman, my Silaturrahim visit was filled with valuable lessons in the end of the day. Cikgu Norazman, is one of the Gayong Master that obtained his black belt from Gayong Pasak in Singapore, and learned with many Gayong Senior Masters all around Malaysia. Dato' Meor said once that he didn't teach Seni Gayong to only one student, but different lessons to each of them. It is our obligation, as the young and new Gayong generation to find and to learn as much as possible this art before it's too late. A ha, forgot to say, I met the most controversial Gayong blogger, Mr. Tapak Yoi! hehehhehe. We didn't spend much time together, seems he was precipitated after getting an "urgent" call from the "Ibu Gayong". lol

Otai-otai Upsi.

After the meeting, me, Cikgu Jent and Cikgu Lan, were wandering around, searching some food to fill up our hungry stomach. We discuss a lot, and learn many things with each other. Sometime, eventhough not all of us has the same political point of view, it is important to all disciples of Gayong, the children of Gayong, to unite in term of Silat Seni Gayong. We unite for the sake of the late Mahaguru. We unite for the sake of Islam and Melayu. We unite for the sake of our people. We unite for the sake of our Sultans and Kings. InsyaAllah hopefully this encounter will bring the Barokah to us.

Gayong Bersambut, Kata Bersahut

To all the Upsi Gayong fighters, all the best. Don't ever drop the trust given to you. Learn Gayong, and be Gayong. I do really hope that my children in the future will learn with you guys at school! ;)

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