Monday, March 8, 2010


Trois Cikgus de Silat Seni Gayong

Alhamdulillah, the belt grading and the initiation ceremony was done smoothly. Personally as a teacher, and officially as the Gurulatih Tertinggi (Panglima Pelangi Hitam) of Association Française Silat Seni Gayong (Silat Seni Gayong France, as registered with PSSGM), with the trust and power given from my Masters, I am proud to announce of our two instructors that will be my representatives on the land of La France. They are Mr Benjamin PONS and Mr Stephane LEPLUS. Both are the holder of Bengkung Pelangi Merah (Ceinture Rouge : Instructuer). They are my first "pure" students, that started to learn with me from the beginning and now passing their Red Belt. Bravo and facilitation!

As a teacher, I am happy to see this achievement after day and night learning, training and teaching. I received my Red Belt in 1999, and the syllabus that I learned for my red belt was the Golongan 30,21 Pukulan, 21 Elakan, 21 Kuncian, Pentas 3, Seni Siku, Seni Kaki, Tapak Yoi 4&8, Seni Pisau (asas, kuncian 1-11, Pentas Pisau 1), Seni Simbat (asas, kuncian 1-10, Pentas Simbat 1)and Seni Keris (Gerakan, kuncian 1-7, Pentas Keris). So both of them presented me the same thing I did 11 years ago. What a blues!!! ;)

Mr Benjamin PONS contacted me for the first time somewhere during october 2005, and he invited me to come to Lille. Tuan Haji Mansor Othman, a.k.a Tok Ayah, the last vice president of PSSGM, and the Yang Dipertua (Timbalan Imam Khalifah) of PSSGM State of Kelantan, was invited in 2005, with 3 Gurulatih from Kelantan, Cikgu Muhammad (Tok Ayah's Son), Cikgu Amru (ALG) and Cikgu Wadi, to officialize and to give his blessing to our association, Program Gayong Jelajah Eropah 2005. Tok Ayah made the first Mandi Tapak and Mandi Seni here in France and Belgium, with 6 first French students at that time. The late Cikgu Siti Kalsom also wrote a letter, signed, saying her blessing to the creation of our association. The development of Silat Seni Gayong takes time and now we arrive at a new step, and I am happy with the progression of Anak Gayong in France!

Hopefully next September, we will have more Red Belt holders!InsyaAllah! ;) I wish both of them congratulation, and more success in Silat Seni Gayong in the future. Congratulation also to brother Laurent and Aurelien for your white belt grading, and preparez vous pour les ceintures vertes et rouges!!!! ;)

As far as I concern, it is only our association that practice Silat Seni Gayong in France, registered and original, respecting the rules and tradition, from Malaysia. I make this clear statement as there are certain persons, from certain martial art club from France, that claim to practice Silat Seni Gayong, and use the name to attract the public.To them, I hope that you stop to pretend using Silat Seni Gayong as the syllabus, and stop using the logo of Silat Seni Gayong on your club's registration form and even on your training uniforms. The club that claim to use Silat Seni Gayong as the syllabus first must has a Gurulatih (ceritified Cikgu) from Malaysia that supervise and is the one who teach and arrange the syllabus (Directeur Technique). The club must then register with Gayong HQ in Malaysia. The club, doesn't have any relation with any Gayong Masters in Malaysia, nor using any Silat Seni Gayong syllabus. What they use is only the free style mix martial arts and self-defence, and no Adat, no Belt-Grading, no Initiation Ceremony (Bain de Fleur), and no respect at all vis-a-vis the tradition and regulation of the Dato' Meor's Silat Seni Gayong.


  1. I do not know that there's other "Gayong" group(s) in France that proclaim(s) themselves teaching the real Gayong. They must be some sort of a weird Frankenstein; you know, guys wearing sarung to show the public that "this is one kind of a Malay martial art", taken out all the low stances of Harimau and adopted the Western boxing stance (and even punch like it!), and practice many kerambit moves with Kenpo-like footwork.

    This is not going to work, trust me. All they will get are robots.

  2. that's totally as exact as what you are describing Sir Pok Deng! these people are more "businessmen" than martial artists, and far from being a true fighter. how someone could say that what he's showing and teaching is the real pencak silat if he'd never learn it with the authentic and "real" malay/indon teacher? or never touch the soil of Nusantara with his own feet...?!

  3. cikgu, how about this video?

  4. that is one of example we could find. what we should know about the definition of Silat or Pencak is that, the Grandmaster and the association must be registered in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei or Singapore. this is one of the rules that PERSILAT (international pencak silat federation) made, before one martial art club, outside the 4 countries, claiming to practice the authentic and genuine Pencak Silat, could be considered as the real one. in a simple word, it is just a fake. a mix which change the original. it is no more silat. no seni. no adat.