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Le Cour de Silat Seni Gayong (1)

I have been asked by some of my students, and certain who are interested to learn Silat Seni Gayong online. It is difficult, almost impossible, but it can be done if you have the basic and had trained once by the Gayong Masters. I'll try my best to describe and to show some of Silat Seni Gayong syllabus that we train here in France.

Before and after the training:

We start by "Buka Gelanggang" (the opening). An "Imam Gelanggang" (the chief of Gelanggang/the head instructor) will ask the students to place their hands to the ground (punch-like position) and everyone of us are asked to recite once Al-Fatihah (the first sourate in Quran), 11 times of sorate Al-Ikhlas, and 3 times Solawat to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This recitation is done quitely for everyone and only for Moslem. For those who doesn't know, the student must close the eyes and make a deep meditation, a sort of mind and spiritual preparation before the hard training. After finishing the recitation, we make a prayer for that our training will be kept safe and no accidents. The "Tutup Gelanggang" (Closing), after the training is done in the same way too.

But I suggest for those who are interested to learn Silat Seni Gayong to take the Mandi Tapak (Flower Bath/ Bain de fleur) with the autorized Gayong Master first, so that you will have the access to the real knowledge of Silat Seni Gayong. Be one of the family first, then you are one of us. Seems that there is the difficulties in term of distance, money and time, I make this "online" general basic of Silat Seni Gayong, so that those impatient future Gayong student could satisfy their curiosity, while waiting the moment that he will meet Gayong Master one day.

For the syllabus which is selected to be used in France, I stop changing it. There is just one syllabus which is used for belt grading, while others technics we put it in "Pelajaran Tambahan" (additional lesson) for the Jurulatih and Gurulatih. We love and practice all of the lessons from different Gayong Masters in Malaysia. So don't be surprise if you find some of it from Kelantan and Kedah, other from Perak, some from Selangor, Johor, or from Gayong Warisan or PASAK. All is Gayong. All is One. We are all the students of the late Mahaguru Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman.

The Levels in Silat Seni Gayong:

Hitam Kosong (debutant)

Awan Putih (avancees)

Pelangi Hijau (assistant instructeur)

Pelangi Merah RENDAH (instructeur)

Pelangi Merah TINGGI (instructeur avance)

Pelangi Kuning RENDAH (jeunemaitre)

Pelangi Kuning TINGGI (jeunemaitre avance)

Harimau Pelangi Chula Sakti (Maitre)


1) Tumbuk Pintal Tali (coup de poing tournant)
2) Tangkis Sisi (blocage haut)
3) Pancung Dayung (trachant)
4) Tumbuk Bertapak (coup de poing en se deplacant)
5) Tendang Sula (coup de pied en avant)
6) Tendang Tolak Lintang (coup de pied laterale)
7) Tebar Jala (coup de pied circulaire)

After the 7 basic for the first level, there is the Gerakan Anak Harimau 49. It is a "Jurus" or "Kata" for Silat Seni Gayong. It is beleived that the story behind the movement is that one man with his wife went to the jungle one day to collect some forest fruits and woods. Suddenly, the day was having a heavy rain and they had to had a shelter under a tree. When the rain stopped, it was already night. Fear that the journey will be dangerous in the dark, they decide to spend their night on a tree. In the morning, when they woke up, they found that a tigress just had delivered her cubs under their tree. They had to stay until the mother and her babies went away, which took days. After the tigress left, the man and his wife climbed down and returned to home safely. After a while, there was a quarrel between the man and his wife. The man raised his hand to hit, but his wife managed to escape the strike. He was surprised and asked his wife where did she learn that. The wife said that she learned from the cubs, when they were playing around, jumping, striking and blocking in front of the tigress. From there, the movement is known as "Senaman Anak Harimau" (Cub's Warming Up), or Gerakan Anak Harimau (Cub's Movements). It has 49 movements, as the 49 days that a cub will be independant from his mother. But for the first level (black belt novice/ceinture noir debutant), we learn only 10 movements.

Kaki rapat .... Gayong! (respiration) Gayong Sedia!!! (everyone shout "ZATTTT!!!)

Right Leg in front. Right Hand at position block down. Left hand at position normal (kuku harimau)

1) Tendang Sula Kiri (Left kick in front)
2) Sepak Layang (Right roundhouse kick 270 degrees)
3) Tolak Lintang Silang (Cross the legs, and left rear kick)
4) Pancung Dayung (Move slightly right leg outside, while striking with left hand)
5) Tumbuk Bertapak (Move one step ahead, while turning at our back and block up with right hand and block down with left hand)
6) Tolak Lintang Silang (Cross the legs, and left rear kick)
7) Pancung Dayung (Move slightly right leg outside, while striking with left hand)
8) Tumbuk Bertapak (Move one step ahead, while turning at our back and block up with right hand and block down with left hand)
9) Tolak Lintang Silang (Cross the legs, and left rear kick)
10) Harimau (Tiger Position). Certain school they right punch to the ground, while other "Simpan Kuku", tiger hiding his claws by crossing his hands)

Then, in the first level, the student learn 7 Kunci Maut (Dead-Lock), 7 Kombat (counter attacks) and 7 Pukulan Maut (Dead-Strikes). There is also Pentas Kunci (Kunci Hidup), the counter-lock/le contre-clefs, and Pentas Pukulan, the counter-dead-strikes to complete their first level of obtaining the white belt Awan Putih. The is the acrobat technics, and sparring, normally one versus two adversaries.

For the reasons of traditional adab and professional policies, I wouldn't show the video technics of Kunci Maut (locks), Pukulan or Kombat here publicly. However for those Gayong Jurulatih or Gurulatih, you can ask me privately so I can link you directly to my private youtube link.

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