Sunday, March 21, 2010


Cikgu Jazwan Kahar

Two weeks arriving in Malaysia, and I am still looking for the Gelanggangs. It has been two times (if I'm not mistaken) that the American broadcasting groups came to Malaysia, once during the Human Weapon series, and other the National Goegraphic Channel. Both of them passed by the Gelanggang Nirwana. For most of the non-selangorian Gayong practitioners, mostly the newcomers, they hardly know the Nirwana. What is so special about this Gelanggang??? Why every foreigners who intend to see Silat Seni Gayong will come first to this Gelanggang??? The research begins, and my question answered when I got a green light from Cikgu Jazwan, the son of Gayong Master, Cikgu Kahar Redza.

That was the first time I met Cikgu Jazwan. One of the most popular young Gayong Gurulatih, who was endorsed by the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom herself, to be the supervisor for the foreign Gayong group. (until now, I don't know why PSSGM still doesn't have that function in the HQ). The Americans, (USGF), under Cikgu Syeikh Samsuddin, always trained under Cikgu Jazwan and his father Cikgu Kahar at the Nirwana. Even Cikgu Ariffin and his group Gayong UK, came to Nirwana for the training. Nirwana itself sounds good to me. It sounds like "heaven". Hehehehe. Heaven of cats, perhaps! lol ;) One of the unique quality of Nirwana, is that it blessed with thousands of cats. (am I too generous perhaps. Hundreds? ;p). I love cats. So Cikgu Nyz. I'll bring her there next week, to look a potential future spouse for our male cat, Joix.

The fact is that, Cikgu Kahar was the late Dato' Meor's driver. Many Gurulatihs, mostly in Selangor, trained under Cikgu Kahar. He is small, but has a fierce and strict looking. What made me smiling when looking to him is that he was holding a plastic bag, with a cat food. Now I understand why there is many cats at the Gelanggang. ;) Other than teaching Silat Seni Gayong, Cikgu Kahar works as a massage, traditional herbs and healing expert. He admits that he learned many traditional healing technics from the late Dato' Mahaguru.

I met also Cik Nor, and Cikgu Jazwan's little brother Jaz. Thank you Cikgu Jaz, Master Kahar and family, brother Wan and other Gurulatihs for welcoming me. InsyaAllah see you all during the competition. Ah yes, there will be a Gayong competition this weekend for Selangor. I heard that I'll start at Friday afternoon until Sunday evening at the Kompleks Muhibbah. So guys, come and bring your whole family to this event!!! ;)

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