Monday, March 1, 2010

Musafir & Tawakkal

this is the land of King Leonidas....!

It has been one week and half that I am "en voyage". Those scandinavia countries of Norway, Sweeden and Finland were really blessed with heavy snow. Soubhanallah....
After travelling in extreme cold in the north, here I am in a mediteranean country of Grece. A land of myth and old civilisation. I am just having a good vacation before going back to my country to work! lol This country reminds me a lot to the mediterrenean countries I've visited, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordanie and Egypt, couple years ago.

My Master taught me once, everytime I arrive safely in a foreign land, whether by boat, bus or plane, we touch the soil first while make a prayer. "Di Tanahair Ku Kau Jaga Aku, Jagalah Aku Juga Di Tanah Asing Ini" (On my land You take a good care of me, so please o Lord take care of me on this foreign land!)
Alhamdoulillah... as far as I have been travelling, sometime without anything only my passport, in foreign countries, the God is always helping us. The "Musafir" or "Merantau" is really important for the development of our spiritual strength. It is the moment where we learn the Trust, the Faith, and Beleive in Him.

I remember the history of Prophet Moses (a.s), when the God asked him to go and preach the Pharaoh, Moses was worried about his family, who will take care of them. Then Allah asked him to hit a big stone with his stick. The stone broke, and surprisingly, there was a little tiny worm inside the stone. And there was a small green piece of leaf that the worm ate. The God asked Moses to hear what the worm whisper. Moses approached his ear and heared the worm's prayer. "Souhanallazi man yaroni, wa ya'rifu makani, wa yarzukni, wa la yansaani" (All praise to The One who always sees me, who knows my place, who sustains me and who never forgets me). Moses understood then, that it is not him who protect his family, but it is the God himself who protects. The history of this little worm, was the cause of Malay proverb "Ulat Dalam Batu Pun Boleh Hidup" (Even a worm inside a stone can live), showing the high degree of "Tawakkal" of a person.

Hopefully during this Musafir, I will learn more and more the Tawakkal to my Lord.

Hasbunallahi wani'mal wakil, la haulawala kuwwatailla billahil a'liyyula'zim....

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