Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The participants of the course:
Puteri Putera Sundang

Sundang Lipas is the Bugis weapon. It is almost similar with the Moslem sword of Khulafa ar-rasyidin and the Christian medieval sword. The technic of course is different from the one blade sword (Pedang) or machete (Parang). For that reason, after couple of months preparation, PSSGM Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur had organised a Sundang Lipas course under the teaching of Master (Cikgu) Sani Morni, the chairman of the Gurulatih committee PSSGM W.P KL and the Khalifah Besar of PSSGM Selangor.

Cikgu Sani Morni (left) and Cikgu Rais (right)

"Having the trust to your sword", "you and your sword is one", "feeling the swing and the steel" are among the key words that were told to us by Master Sani Morni. But seems the lesson of Sundang Lipas is the highest in the Gayong syllabus, the training was done in a building to keep it's secrecy and genuinity.

The Masters..

After testing our blade on the "bio-enemies", we were then given lot of advices and tips. Petua, Doa, Mentera and material preparation were taught to us, to get ready for any bad situation.
The closing ceremony were attended by the Khalifah Besar Cikgu Ibrahim, Khalifah Besar Cikgu Zainal Ishak, Khalifah Besar Cikgu Ezhar Abbas, Khalifah Besar Cikgu S.I Kamal, Cikgu Anuar Hamid and Khalifah Besar Cikgu Rais. Cikgu Omar Abdillah and Cikgu Zaharah Harom, both of them from Perlis were also attended.

Sundang Lipas...

The warrior's life.

Thank you Cikgu Sani Morni, minta halal segala ilmu. Thank you to all of the committee of PSSGM WPKL for the nice moment...

aiseeeh.... sempat berposing lagi nih huhuhuhuhuhu


  1. Arrghhhh!!!
    Hakim!!! Trop bien ton Sundang Lipas!!!!
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  2. Hahahha!

    pas de probleme Ben!!! en effet, avec sundang lipas, on a vraiment une sensation d'etre un guerrier a l'epoque de medievale!