Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cikgu Nasir in Magazine

One of my Silat brother Ustaz Zahari lend me this magazine

Article about Cikgu Nasir

Cikgu Nasir is one of a well-known Silat master in Malaysia. Whether he is known for his Silat contribution, or his "Silat" bussiness, his blog of "Cikgu Nasir" is visited hundreds of visitors everyday. In the industry of craftsmenship, he is known to be one of the best Malay traditional weapon dealer. I got my Pekaka Keris from him too. And what could I say is that I am totally satisfy with the quality and arts, and the price is really reasonable.

For those the Keris fan club, it is normal to spend thousands of Ringgit to own a Keris that one falls in love with. It is an expensive hobby, but beleive me, nothing better than to spend your own money for something which is beautiful, and deadly weapon at the same time to defend your dignity. I would prefer to give my children the Keris or other Malay weapons as heritage from a Silat father! ;)

Godspeed Cikgu Nasir! ;)