Thursday, January 27, 2011


Burung Merpati
"What a better purpose of life than being a part of a good man"

Merpati putih, or white pigeon, is a must for a pregnant woman. Is is widely practiced by Malay people. Maybe there is no concrete prove about this, but the benefit of eating the liver of pigeon lies in one story of the Mother of Luqman al-Hakim. Luqman al-Hakim was a good man (certain Moslem scholars consider him as a Prophet, while others consider him as a "Wali") and his wisdom was told in the Holy Qur'an.

From the story which told by my mother, my grandmother and many old folks, it is beleived that his Mother was at a point to eat a cooked pigeon, and it was the only food that she had. She was pregnant at that time. Suddenly a poor man/woman came and ask her as he/she didn't eat since many days. So that kind and pious woman, gave all of the pigeon meat, and she took only the liver for her. But the God made this thing intentionally, as He knows best. He never let His servants down. It is in the liver where He blessed most. Because of that, that woman delivered a baby named Luqman. The baby grew up, and became a wise and religious man.

So from that story, it becomes a tradition in our culture that a husband search a pigeon for her wife. It is preferred a white one. So as a kind and loving husband, I "hunted" the white pigeon for many days. It is easy to find the "colored" pigeon, but not the white one. But finally I managed to get two pigeons.
So I killed it righteously , according to the Syari'a law (to make the meat Halal!). So by using a very sharp knife and a fast slaugthering cut and deep enough, I cut the throat and the blood vessels. The animal must be let away freely after the cut to let the blood pour out completely. Don't ever forget to say the God's name and facing the Mecca. I take one to roast it, while my wife made a soup with other. I let the both livers to her while I enjoyed the meat. Hehehhe. It's finger lickin good Merpati Putih!!!! ;)

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil A'lamin. Tabarakallahu ta'ala. Hope my future son or daughter will be as wise as hadrat Luqman al-Hakim. Amin.... ;)

"To know who you are, you must know what you are eating"

"A man will do everything for his woman. Almost. lol"

"A nice cooked meat is always better than a raw one"

"Don't judge the book by it's cover.
Don't judge the liver's sive by the pigeon's whole"


  1. my version of the story is that the wife should eat a couple of burung merpati.... well it doesnot matter though hahahahahaha, congrats abang hakim, may Allah bless the child.

  2. Abe Jan: Hehehehehehe, nati kito pakat cari burung pati abe jan, time kursus, buat makan dgn colek. :)

    warid: oooo gitu koo... orait orait. tapi tu mmg amek duo ekor merpati. jantan n bertina tuuu...kalu xsilap tgok ko lebar kecik leher dio laaa...

    hamster keramat: timo kaseeeehhh... doa doaknlah dipermudahkan... amin! ;)

  3. alhamdulillah... dh dekat dh...
    moga2 bertambah rezeki tuk cikgu akim..
    kami di sini sentiasa mendoakan yg terbaik tuk cikgu... insyaAllah...