Friday, January 14, 2011

Raining Again, and Missing My Anak Buahs....

At Paris it snows heavily, at Pasir Puteh it rains cats and dogs. Many districts in Kelantan and other east-coast states were affected....

All of my nieces and nephews had all returned to their home since the school has started. Missing of their laughs, their curiosity, and their sweet naughtiness, I have to play alone the paper boat. If they were here, I am sure the day gonna be fun.

To all of my "fruit children" (Anak Buah), let's gather again at Tok Ma's house next school holiday! ;)))


  1. Lelaki ada hikmat yang bila terkena bengkak 9 bulan.. Bila dah ada sendiri baru la tak rindu anak buah

  2. hehehehehhe, yang tu betul. ambo pun dalam penantian ni. semoga dipermudahkan ... amin ;)