Friday, January 21, 2011

A little boy that survives the leeches attacks...

Ashad the braveheart

This is one of my favorite anak buah. As a real kampung boy, he loves to take the opportunity during the raining season playing water around the kampung. He would swim in anything that has water: sea, lake, river, or even inside the "Baruh" (paddy field). One day, when he came back, blood was running out from his butt. He was taken to the hospital. They found that some leeches had entered inside his private part. None of hospital medicine could force the leeches out from his body. So taking the advice from one old man, the Belalang Nasi (grasshopper) could do that. So that little boy, ate three grasshoppers alive, like a gentleman. He than managed to forced out two big leeches. Bloody leeches!

There was already many cases that man died because the leeches keep growing and breeding inside his rectum. His stomach blowed and it was too late that they discovered the cause.

That boy called me "Arkel Akeng" (that Arkel must be children version of "Uncle" lol), and he always passed by to my house to ask me to draw him the dragons. So seems he has the courage fighting that "Blood Sucking Dragons", I drew him a souvenir..... ;)

Two days later, I found that little boy playing again around the village during a rainy day. What a brave boy! (or maybe "Degil" or "Babey").

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