Friday, January 21, 2011


Pak Jab

Cikgu Rajab bin Samat, or widely known as Pak Jab is one of the Gayong Master who is still active in Kelantan. I took my Mandi Tapak with him, so did my first Mandi Minyak. I was at the secondary school Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Kamil at Pasir Puteh when suddenly he didn't come anymore to teach us. The question was unanswered (almost 14 years), but then the moment I visited him, he revealed the untold story about Pasir Puteh. It is sad, but due to the arrogance of certain Jurulatihs at Pasir Puteh, and their disrespectful to the Adat and the elders, Pak Jab and his team quitted Pasir Puteh. (It is almost the same reason why Cikgu Awang, the late Cikgu Zul and Cikgu Adi left Pasir Puteh in 1996!)

The crisis in Gayong also burden him. As a Gurulatih, what interest us is only to learn, to train and to teach. Respect the Adat and the elders. But when there were too many politics in the federation, most of the old teachers would take the leave. Some remains in Gayong officially, but keep silent and do his own business. Some had to leave his beloved Gayong, and build a new association to keep him moving legally. That's why the Gayong Tiga Kalimah was born. The lessons, the syllabus, the Adat system remains Adat of Silat Seni Gayong of Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman. But using the name of Tiga Kalimah as one platform for him and his family to develop Silat Seni Gayong using his own sincere way all around Kota Bharu and Kelantan generally.

Gayong Tiga Kalimah Gelanggang

I am sure he was one of the active Gurulatih when he was in PSSGM. Everywhere I go, to Perak, Kedah or Selangor, all of the Gayong Masters will ask me about Pak Jab. A public figure of Gayong Kelantan! ;)

There are not many senior Gurulatih left that is still alive. It is our responsibility to go to them and learn something valueable. They had done this more than us when they were young. We should do more, because we are the new generation that has never had the chance to learn from Dato' Meor Rahman directly. All my hope is that may Allah bless all of the elders, for their efforts and knowledges. Pak Jab wishing all Anak Gayong "Assalamualaikum wbt....."


  1. but due to the
    arrogance of certain Jurulatihs at Pasir Puteh, and
    their disrespectful to the Adat and the elders, Pak Jab
    and his team quitted Pasir Puteh.

    Hmm.not much different with what happen to all of us.maybee?????

  2. that's why pasir puteh is left behind in terms of ilmu and pelajaran of silat seni gayong. certain jurulatih refuses to learn with other Gurulatihs/Cikgus due to his ego and his "status" as a Tok Guru Gayong in Pasir Puteh!

  3. wahhh..
    assalamualaikum.... cikgu akim..

    sy pernah berguru dgn pak guru pak jab ni....
    beshh sgt... gelanggang itu laa ambo penah bermandi peluh dan bermandi minyak... huhu~
    thanks 4 de info.... terubat rindu melihat pak jab..
    tetapi bertambah rindu bila melihat pak guru pak jab ni... sobsobsob....

    moga perjuangan beliau terus membakar smangat kita semua.. insyaAllah..

  4. waalaikumsalam Cikgu Jent,

    haaa tu laaa... dok dengar2 nasihat dia, terasa sejuk hati ni. antara nasihat beliau berkenaan keutamaan mencari ilmu, dan sifat taqwa dalam memilih amalan untuk diamalkan.

    semoga segala amalan beliau diterima Allah swt... amin... ;)

  5. tok guru ambo ni.. maso duk ngaji falahiah dulu..dey laa 4 tahun lebih bodo2.. :D abe ni ngajar silat di ump ko?

  6. tok guru ambo laa jugok pak jab ni. dan mandi tapak dgn dio. a ah ambo ngaja UMP. ado sore anok buoh pak jab jugok di ump Pekan. baru jupo. pakat2 berimpun belako sek2 kito sinih.... ;)

  7. fakhrulrazi? senior masa skoloh dulu :)