Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My students asked me about Jinns

They asked me about Satan

They asked me about the Iblis

They asked me about Qarin

They asked me about Dewa & Dewi

They asked me about the Sihr (black magic)

They asked me about Ruqyah

They asked me about the Kebatinan in Gayong

They asked me about the Roh (soul)

They asked me about the Sufi's healing and Zikr

They asked me about Imam Mahdi (pbuh)

They asked me about Dajjal

They asked me about Yakjud and Makjud

They asked me about the great Zulqarnain


Students will ask their teacher, because their job is to learn.

A teacher will answer them with his best knowledge, wisdom and opinions, because this is his job!

But when it comes too deep and too specific...

A better answer is "I don't know". "WaAllahua'lam". "Go ask Mr. X because he knows better than me"

This will let a student further his searching more everywhere.

But a teacher also must be a really good student.

He must have been too.

Being a teacher does not mean he's not a student anymore.

Learning is from the cradle to the tomb.

Those who thinks he is the master, he is still a student. But those who thinks that he's still a student, he is a true Master.

When we talk too much, we miss the training. When there's too much information, there will be less practical. The information is important, so that we do not walk in blind. But what is the goodness of a bright sight, while both legs are so weak to walk.

So must balance both of the side.

Badan akan mati tanpa Roh.
Roh akan mati tanpa Ilmu.
Ilmu akan mati tanpa Amalan.
Amalan akan mati tanpa Ikhlas.


  1. betul tu cikgu hakim, be less talk but more action. techer pn still kkdg masih lagi bergelar student, masing2 saling belajar..hehehe

  2. itu kata-kata ulamak:

    Orang akan hancur tanpa ilmu,
    Orang berilmu akan hancur tanpa amal,
    Orang yang beramal akan hancur tanpa ikhlas,
    Orang yang ikhlas juga dalam bahaya..

  3. hadi: koho belajar koho banyok hok tok tahu...

    abe sham: betol tu abe sham... kalu bice bab ikhlas niat ni gak, keno syahadah balik sokmo.... huhuhuhuu

  4. Hamba bawakan kebenaran dan jawapan bagi segala soalan kerana detik kebangkitan semula telahpun di tuliskan di Luh Mahfuz.