Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tempat Baru, Ragam Baru, Cerita Baru...

New Place, New Style, New Story...
How do I feel today? ;) Happy, confident, and ambitious.
But I'm damn sure everything will change tomorrow! lol ;)

Alhamdulillah I start working since last Friday with my first employer. I were asked to register to the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering at the Universiti Malaysia Pahang. By luck, I just found and have moved in a rent house, somewhere 16 km from my work. Cheap rent and comfortable house. Seems everyone is nice here. I had a chance to meet the Anak Gayongs at UMP under the direction of Cikgu Farizal last Friday night. I haven't met yet Cikgu Rahim though, the chief of PSSGM in Pahang if i'm not mistaken. But insyaAllah soon enough I'll meet him.

This is my first post in my first office. Sounds big. Hehehe. I hope that my presence here in Pahang will be convinient to everyone. I hope that I am not considered as an outsider who come to take the Gelanggang of anyone, and claim as mine. Wanau'zubullahi min zalik. It's enough of what I had as experience. I am new here so I really need the guidance and advice where and when to start. As a Gurulatih, a day without training, Gelanggang and students, it's a burden and itching me a lot. So I'd better settle everything down as quick as possible.

The first one who welcomed me at UMP.

Gayong France is placed for the moment under the responsibility of my rightman Cikgu Benjamin PONS, seems I will be here in Pahang for couple of years insyaAllah before going back to France. I hope that they will manage to come and participate in our France Gurulatih course here in Malaysia soon....

OK then, everything is already written. I think that I'll get many benefit and chance to learn with the old Silat Masters here in Pahang. Amin amin amin.... ;) To all Cikgus, Gurulatihs, Jurulatihs, Brothers and Sisters of Gayong in Pahang, Salam Perkenalan and many thanks for everything...

cikgu farizal

otai UMP brother Hasrul

Serikandi UMP

"Serikanda" UMP...

playing with Tembung...


  1. selamat dtg bro ke pahang...Jangan lupa singgah ke kuantan..

  2. comey la kalu kawe kelik rumoh ore rumoh bulih ajok demo mari dumoh

  3. jimbab: tima kaseeehh... insyaAllah tu semestinya hehehe

    taufiq: heheheh beres taufiq. nok jadi ore kuantan laaa pulop kawe nyoo, doh demo jadi doh. kito duo mano buleh pissoh. hehehe