Thursday, April 5, 2012


Puteri Gayong of Naga Rantau

Pukulan Wanita in English is Female Strikes, or in Gayong France we named it as "Frappe Feminine", is the specific strike technique for the female students. Women doesn't has as much as strength as Men. So it's simpler to be compared with the normal Pukulan/Pukulan Maut or Kombat/Serangan Maut. Here the student learn all of the special strikes that aim only the vital point. Simbar Cakar Helang (Eagle Strikes), Raja Beradu (The King is sleeping), Kuda Gila (Crazy Horse), Harimau Kumbang (Black Panther), Loceng Emas (Gold Bell), Seligi (Leopard) etc.

As the old Master said "The simpler, the better". Normally, Pukulan Wanita is taught only to the female students, and also only to the Gurulatih. The effect is so damaging although the energy used is minimum. WaAllahua'lam.