Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seni Simbat Suk

Me with Cikgu Affendy at UMP, some of Simbat Suk training/moves

Simbat Suk is a short staff, with a size from the tip of finger to the elbow. The special thing about Simbat Suk is that, despite of it's short size and no-dangerous-like weapon appearance, the art is taught only for the instructors. The technique is almost similar to it's kind of Cota, but not the same, as the different structure of the weapon will have the secret tips to get with. There are seven basic Serangan of Simbat Suk, and could be developed into fourteen, twenty one, and even hundred of patterns and forms. The Kunci Mati Simbat Suk in other hand is the technique to manipulate the enemy's weapon to lock him back.

During the Pentas (the choreography), the two Simbat Suks are normally manipulated together. In some silat style in Malaysia they would call Selengan, or in Philippines it is quite popular with the name of Kali. In my Gelanggang here in UMP, I put in as the requirement for the 3rd stripes Red Belt before getting the Yellow belt for the grading.

The Simbat Suk, Cota and T-Baton (Cotati/Matraque) basicly is the same concept and moves. It is always a good thing to make the lesson as regular as possible, as the possibility to get attacked with the weapon like simbat suk in the street is very high. The variation of the techniques also could be used as the demo during the self-defense seminar as the techniques are very quick and efficient. Hope that every Jurulatih/Gurulatih could practice the art of this weapon. Enjoy. ;)

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