Monday, April 9, 2012

Setahun Sudah....

I can walk now and I want to learn Gayong, Dede!!! 8)

Allah yardoaleikum ya ibnu hakim...

It has been one year I'm in UMP. It has been a wonderful year, with new experience, new knowledge, new friends, and even new Gelanggang. Last but not least, my "new" son, who has just had his 1st year birthday. Many thanks to all of our guests, all the Felos of KK5, and all of the Naga Rantau team who came to share the memorable moment for me and Cikgi.

Being a husband and a father, and a lecturer, and a college principal, and a Gayong teacher, that truly fill my daily schedule up. My parents, family and even my Master always advice me, since the beginning of my carrier at university. Even though we are very good as a "Pendekar", never lose our mind out and less care about our own family and carrier. ("Hebak setaro mano pon tok dekkar tuh, jange tingga anok bining pulok. Jange pulok kijo sediri pon talla")

It is not in Gayong that we gain the salary, as it keeps still to be our passion and social responsibility. Hope that we will be excel in our professional life, excel as a Gayong practitioner, excel as a friend,brother,son,husband and father, and excel as His Servant.... Amine!

Thinking a lot to Gayong France family. Aaisy Aryan is waiting for your coming! ;)

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  1. comel kek.hehehe. anyway, tahniah abe hakim... (^_^)