Monday, September 28, 2009


Golok is one of Malay tool and weapon. By definition, Golok is known by looking at it's size as it is shorter than Parang. Normally, I use a Parang Panjang (or Kelantanese call as Klewe/Klewang) for Parang training of Silat Seni Gayong. But gradually, I change into Brazilian machete, (bizarrely can be found even at Pasar Siti Kathijah at Kelantan! heheheh) as it is lighter and can be played easily for any rapid and fast technics.

What is good about Golok is that with it, you can stab as quick as a knife, and at the same time you can use it to block any attack, which is difficult to do so with a knife due to it's size. While Parang, the length is long so we'll find the difficulties during a close-fight. That's why Golok is a practical weapon that can be pull out in a blink of eye from it's sheath and can be played with various technics: stabbing, cutting, blocking, slashing, "hiding" behind the arms, and so on. The first time I witness a Golok movement was with my master at Pulai Chondong, Cikgu Suhaili Che Soh.

To master a Golok, the are Jurus to be learned and to be consistently repeated. To compare with knife or machete, there is many counter attack can be performed by using this weapon. Golok is much more popular in the Indonesian Pencak Silat community, as it is made as one of their lesson. In Malaysian Seni Silat, people is more familiar with the Parang. One unique style that use the Golok as it's main weapon is Perguruan Pencak Golok Melayu of Master Mufti Ansari. He inherited this art from his family (while at the same time he learned Gayong from the late Mahaguru). I'll talk about his background in Silat Seni Gayong later on in other post InsyaAllah.(he is the only one who got the permission from the late Mahaguru to teach Gayong outside Malaysia and also was Cikgu Amin's training partner during the time of Mahaguru )

In Jurus Tunggal too, we have the Golok (and the Toya/Tongkat/Tembung of course). I met also the Indonesian expert, Mas Cecep to exchange some tips of Golok, since his style of Panglipur use much Golok in many Jurus. I reorganize the Golok technics that I learned in Silat Seni Gayong and make a set of Golok exercices, and arrange it in a set of steps. So here in Gayong France, Seni Golok is one of a lesson which is not included in the syllabus. (pelajaran tambahan for Jurulatih). I'll make a new entry about Parang next time insyaAllah...

Hanya Allah yang tahu.... (ambil ayat Cikgu Iswan dari Klang, rindu betol pada dia, lama menyepi! hehehehehehe)

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