Friday, August 19, 2011


Pemecahan, or informally we called as "mengasah tangan/kaki/siku/lutut" (sharpening the hands/legs/elbows/knees) is the extra training we familiarize every Gayong student at the end of class. The only disadvantage of this lesson is that we have to clean away the mess after the breaking lesson! lol It costs us also few MalaysianRinggits to buy those bricks!

Breaking is easy when done in the right technique. Breaking the brick is not a paranormal or strange thing to see. It is completely NORMAL and SAFE. It just requires some little technique to do so. It trains the student to be confident with himself, and he will start to understand his internal force (Tenaga Dalam). Everyone has the Tenaga Dalam. Everyone can enjoy themselves buying and breaking those bricks hehehhe. But the question is just that how to bring out the Tenaga Dalam. It is all included inside the Pernafasan. I was taught the Bunga Tanjung itself is one of the best Tenaga Dalam training from the Pernafasan (breathing) technique.

Hope this modest explaination will help you to seek the art of breathing.... and break the bricks!!!!

the video I took during our pemecahan training at the "Gelanggang Panglima Hitam" at Kepong under Cikgu Mufti Ansaari.

***in the more engineering way, Tenaga Dalam is the best rate of efficiency of using your energy. well that is my own words. ;) ***


  1. hok bunyi ketung2 tu pecoh gapo kim?

  2. ooo... hok tuh bunyi pelapik besi tu, hok pat segi tuh. besi tu berat kakloh. bunyi sebab terembah atau tekeno bato koot..